5/2/2013 | 3 MINUTE READ

Mazak Southwest Event to Explore Cost Reductions in Manufacturing

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Open house invites region’s industries to discover true part-production potential.

The Mazak Southwest Technology Center in Houston, Texas will host a Discover More With Mazak open house on June 5 and 6 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST. The event will spotlight innovative machine tool solutions for the energy industry and other key market segments. Company experts will also share valuable manufacturing insight on how attendees can boost productivity and reduce production costs. 
During the event, Mazak will demonstrate the latest milling, turning and Multi-Tasking processes on machine tools that include: the HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 6800, VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS 700E, VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS 510C, VORTEX 1060V/8, VARIAXIS i-800, SLANT TURN NEXUS 600M, QUICK TURN NEXUS 450M, ORBITEC 20, POWERMASTER and INTEGREX j-300.
Where milling is concerned, the rigid HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 6800 Horizontal Machining Center comes standard with a 10,000-rpm spindle, but is also available with either high-speed, high-torque or Hard Metal (HM) spindle versions for virtually every part material application. The VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS 700E Vertical Machining Center brings versatility to large-part production via large table sizes, a selection of milling spindles – either 40 taper 12,000 rpm or 50 taper 6,000 rpm – and ample tool storage. As the most popular Kentucky-built machine, the VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS 510C Vertical Machining Center provides versatility, reliability and high-speed performance and is available with an optional tilt/rotate table for 5-axis machining.
The highly productive VORTEX 1060V/8 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center comes with either a single table or a two-pallet changer. With a pallet changer, the VORTEX 1060V/8 easily integrates into the PALLETECH System along with Mazak’s HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS 8800 Horizontal Machining Centers. Both types of machines have the same pallet size (800 mm) and clamping mechanism, which allow them to be used within the same manufacturing cell to achieve Multi-Tasking operations and complete part processing in the cell.
Mazak’s VARIAXIS i-800 Vertical Machining Center is equipped with a rotary/tilt table for advanced simultaneous 5-axis machining capabilities. The machine reduces setups and tooling for multiple-surface and complex large parts.
In terms of machining long, large-diameter, shaft-type heavy workpieces, the big bore SLANT TURN NEXUS 600M and QUICK TURN NEXUS 450M Multi-Tasking Turning Centers both feature rotary tool milling spindles in addition to high-performance turning spindles. The ORBITEC 20 employs a unique headstock design to generate turned features on large and heavy valves and other big, odd-shaped parts with ease of setup, while the POWERMASTER is a heavy-duty, flatbed turning center with a big, hollow bore capacity for accommodating large diameter pipes.
Also representing Multi-Tasking is the INTEGREX j-300, a solution that specializes in 4-axis simultaneous machining with B-axis tool tip positioning. It performs turning, milling and drilling operations for the quick, accurate processing of simple and complex workpieces in fewer setups. Part processing versatility is further enhanced with the machine’s large capacity tool magazine and Automatic Tool Changer.
Application Engineers and personnel from key partner suppliers will be on hand during the machine tool demonstrations to answer questions and discuss all aspects of the manufacturing process, including cutting tools, workholding and automation. Mazak encourages attendees to present their toughest part-production challenges so its engineers and technicians can offer unique solution ideas for overcoming such difficulties.
Mazak will also give a technical presentation titled “How to Reduce Your Manufacturing Costs,” and explore its new 3-4-5 “The Next Level of Productivity” manufacturing solution. 3-4-5 is the industry’s most comprehensive grouping of manufacturing resources, and one that encompasses “3 Levels of Control,” “4 Levels of Automation,” and “5 Levels of Multi-Tasking.” It allows manufacturers to identify the right level of technology for improving their specific operations and advancing productivity.            
The 30,000-square-foot Mazak Southwest Technology Center is located at 10950 Greenbend Blvd. in Houston, Texas, which is part of the Greenspoint District, a community 15 miles north of downtown Houston and minutes from the Bush Intercontinental Airport.
Registration for the Discover More With Mazak event at the Southwest Technology Center will be available on www.mazakusa.com


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