Mazak Canada Hosts Automation Education Event

The event will feature live presentations of several automated systems and related technologies.

On November 8-9, 2018, Mazak Canada will host a two-day Discover Automation Education Event focusing on how to automate low- to medium-volume/high-mix machining production. The event, to be held at the Mazak Canada Technology Centre in Cambridge, Ontario, will feature live presentations of several automated systems and related technologies.

Among the event presentations/demonstrations:

  • The Dollars and Cents of Automation: Dispelling common myths about automation and showing how to implement it in low, medium and high-volume applications.
  • Pallet-Based Automation: How adding this technology improves spindle-in-cut time and productivity.
  • Collaborative and Fenceless Robots: Discussing these technologies and how they differ. Including a demonstration from FANUC and Jmp Engineering.
  • Flexible and Done In One: How manufacturing is simplified with the Mazak GR100 Gantry Robot.
  • The Mazak Variaxis i-300 AWC: A compact, five-axis machine that stores up to 40 workpieces for fully automated machining of combinations through its automated work changer (AWC).
  • The Renishaw Equator 500: A large, flexible comparative measuring system for shop-floor process control, along with a view of how Renishaw's intelligent process control software sends offsets to a Mazak machine tool.
  • In-Process Inspection for Automated Production Operations: Renishaw in-machine probing cycles, along with the Reporter system that provides a real-time view of pass/fail measurement data directly on the machine control.

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