Matsuura Announces Open House

Matsuura Machinery hosts the Imagine.Create.Innovate Open House at its St. Paul, Minnesota facility.

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Matsuura Machinery USA Inc. hosts the Imagine.Create.Innovate Open House at its St. Paul, Minnesota facility April 23-24 at 10 a.m.-4 p.m. At the event, Matsuura will debut the company’s latest machines: the MAM72-70V, a high speed, large capacity five-axis vertical machining center and the MX-850 PC4, an automated version of the large capacity 5-axis vertical machining center. 

The MAM72-70V machines workpieces as large as 700 mm × 500 mm and has a load capacity of as much as 500 kilograms per pallet. It also includes a rotary table equipped with a proven roller gear drive for the 4th axis and direct drive motor for the 5th axis. 

The MX-850 PC4 includes 90 tools and a load capacity per pallet as much as 500 kilograms. Additionally, the machine has a standard installed universal robot interface to maximize the automation potential, according to the company. From aluminum to hard-to-cut materials, this machine is said to manage sizable and multifaceted machining tasks.

Contact a Matsuura distributor or to register. 

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