Linear Mold to Become Additive Manufacturing Solutions Provider

The company says it means to address what it calls the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Gap in the 3D metal printing marketplace.

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Linear Mold & Engineering (Livonia, Michigan) has announced strategic plans to address what it calls the additive manufacturing (AM) gap in the 3D metal printing market by becoming the first “AM Solutions Provider” and delivering manufacturing solutions that use 3D metal printing technology.

The company is offering:

  • Rapid prototyping and production of end-use parts;

  • A “Center of Excellence” program that provides its complete capabilities on-site at a customer’s location;

  • Linear Technical Services, which provides training, staffing and consulting; and

  • R&D Pods, available in 2015, which will provide secure space and equipment at the company’s headquarters.

With the recently announced expansion, the company will add 17,000 square feet to its existing footprint and double its additive manufacturing capacity. The expansion will add eight more machines initially and provide an additional 24 machines for the future needs of customers in the aerospace/defense, energy, medical, automotive, consumer packaged goods and other industries.

“Linear continues to innovate with new, cutting-edge developments in prototyping and production of metal parts,” says John Tenbusch, company founder and president. “Our customers want a solutions provider that can manufacture both prototype and production parts for their needs from concept through end-use parts.” He adds that the company’s technology transfer programs, said to be unique to the 3D printing industry, offer solutions including DMLS/DMLM training, staffing and consulting options to help customers accelerate their AM plans.

In 2015, the company plans to provide R&D Pods to customers for the development of new materials, AM techniques and products. The pods will be configurable to the customer’s needs and the units will be secured and monitored by dedicated company personnel.

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