Launch of Routsis’ RightStart helps plastics companies accelerate training initiatives

Employees start enhancing skills immediately through fast implementation and online programs


With widening skills gaps becoming increasingly urgent for plastics processors across the country, Routsis Training now offers the RightStart process to help plastics companies kick-start their mission-critical training programs.

RightStart from Routsis, the premier training provider for the plastics industry, is a specialized launch process that begins with an on-site visit to create a custom, training plan specific to each customer and its employees. Routsis training specialists select from a comprehensive array of world-class online courses and advanced process simulators produced in collaboration with experts throughout the industry.

The online training is accessible anytime, so participants can go at their own pace. Meanwhile, what they learn is continuously reinforced through hands-on practice in the plant.

Routsis also shows how to implement and track each program via a customized online training portal. The RightStart process can be applied with a company’s existing workforce and computers, enabling employees to start learning and the company to start monitoring progress right away.

“At Routsis, we recognize that the training process inherently needs to be hands on, online and ongoing to deliver the best results,” said Andy Routsis, president of Routsis Training. “The RightStart process helps fill employee skills gaps quickly and effectively to ensure same-level work performance among employees.”

RightStart includes everything needed to succeed with a complete training program, all delivered with the efficiency and urgency essential in today’s competitive climate:

·         On-site, fast implementation

·         Blended learning model

·         Online, interactive training

·         Focused, hands-on skill development exercises

·         Establish company-specific metrics

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