Krauss-Maffei to Host Open House with Seminar on Melt Delivery Systems

John Bozzelli and Rich Oles will host a seminar that combines segments of presentations they have each given separately on plastic injection molding.

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For the first time, John Bozzelli and Rich Oles will co-present a 30-minute seminar titled “Melt Delivery Systems Required for Scientific Molding” at the Krauss-Maffei Corporation Open House on October 5 in Florence, Kentucky. The event takes place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees will gain insight into common misconceptions and the truth behind some of the wives’ tales on molding related to the melt delivery system. The seminar is a drastically shortened version of the 3– to 4–day program that Bozzelli and Oles will introduce this fall and with which the two will tour the country over the course of the next year. Final dates and locations will be announced soon.

The seminar will blend segments of Bozzelli’s “Process Optimization via Scientific Molding” seminar and an update of Oles’ popular 11-part series “Pellet 2 Part,” which was published in MoldMaking Technology magazine in 2015. “Our goal is to help attendees understand the ‘why’ behind plastic injection molding issues and possible sources related to the melt delivery system,” Oles says.

Bozzelli says, “To put scientific molding into practice can be nearly impossible when systems are not operating or are not designed properly. Having a uniform melt temperature prior to the injection phase is directly linked to the thermal performance of the melt delivery system. Attendees will gain a new understanding of the events occurring in and along the melt delivery system.”

Topics will include watt to mass ratio, time to reach setpoint, wattage distribution, end loss, heat sink and point of temperature control, all of which impact the ability to achieve an optimized process via scientific molding principles.

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For more details on the Krauss-Maffei Open House and registration, access the event flyer. For more details on the technical presentations, access the technical papers schedule.