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Into the New Year of Trade Fairs with Answers to the Question of Digitization and 6 World Premieres

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By beginning of the year, DMG MORI will once again underline its high level of innovation at the Open House at DECKEL MAHO in Pfronten.

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As has become tradition, the focus of the DMG MORI Open House event at DECKEL MAHO Pfronten from 26th to 30th January 2016 will be on the latest innovations and groundbreaking technologies. On an exhibition area of 79,653 ft², the machine tool manufacturer will be showcasing in total 90 high-tech exhibits live in operation, thereof the DMG MORI best-sellers as well as six world premieres featuring turn-mill complete machining, universal milling, XXL parts machining and new technologies.

Besides innovative production and automation solutions, with CELOS® and DMG MORI technology cycles, DMG MORI will be giving answers to the question of digitization on the path to intelligent production in Industry 4.0.

CELOS® & DMG MORI Technology cycles for Industry 4.0

With CELOS®, DMG MORI is offering a cutting-edge user interface that can be expanded with new APPs and updates, which provides an immediate solution to Industry 4.0. CELOS® is as easy to use as your smartphone, networks all machines within a manufacturing organization and therefore simplifies the process from the idea to the finished product. 16 APPs help the operator prepare, optimize and process production jobs without any errors and enables the consistent administration, documentation and visualization of order, process and machine data, consequently holistically improves the profitability of production.

With 31 DMG MORI technology cycles as another highlight, DMG MORI is presenting software solutions on the cutting-edge 5-axis and turn-mill machining centers to make complex machining processes an effortless reality. Thanks to parameterized context menus, complex processes can be directly programmed on the machine up to 60 percent faster. For the easy to learn and ready-made windows to enter data, programming is hardly needed and complicated DIN programming are avoided. Therefore, DMG MORI technology cycles are ideal for application-specific shop floor programming.

World premiere: CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd Generation

A turning length of 120 in. makes the CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd Generation the largest turn & mill complete machining center in the now completely revised CTX TC series from DMG MORI. Like its smaller sister models, the machine tool manufacturer has also equipped this latest machine with a new compactMASTER® mill-turn spindle, with which 162 ft. lbs. achieves a 120 percent higher torque.

With a diameter of 7.9 in. the length of the compactMASTER® spindle has been reduced by 2.8 in. so that it now measures only 17.7 in. The interplay of the 5.9 in. larger X-axis

(-0.9 / +6.9 in.) and the 0.8 in. longer Y-travel of ± 8.3 in. brings an enormous gain in freedom for users. This enables, for example, the radial machining of workpieces with maximum diameters of 27.6 in. with 6.7 in. long tools (with the B-axis in a vertical position). With regard to other equipment features, the CTX gamma 3000 TC 2nd Generation is equipped with 36 tool pockets in its standard version. This capacity can be increased optionally to 80, 120 or 180 tools. Maximum tool length here is 21.7 in.

World premiere: DMU 160 P duoBLOCK® 4th Generation

The world premiere of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK® 4th Generation impressively complements the successful duoBLOCK® series from DMG MORI and excels for its world premiere with remarkable improvements in precision, performance and efficiency of around 30 percent. In addition the revised machine concept offers a clear plus in versatility. Added to this the high level of rigidity, extensive modular spindle range and innovative cooling measures ensure perfect machining performance and a high degree of long-term accuracy. Equipped with CELOS® the machine also guarantees user-friendly production.

As a highly stable universal 5-axis machine the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK® 4th Generation unites outstanding precision with maximum performance. With travel paths of 63.0 in. x 63.0 in. x 43.3 in. in X, Y and Z it has more than sufficient space for a wide spectrum of components, with workpieces weighing of up to 9,920 lb. The innovative wheel magazine with (depending on expansion stage) space for up to 453 tools (SK40/HSK63) ensures the necessary flexibility where tools are concerned. With regards to the spindles, the high-tech modular spindle range of the DMU 160 P duoBLOCK® 4th Generation offers the greatest choice on the market. The offer ranges from the powerMASTER® motor spindle with 1,000 Nm to a gear spindle with up to 1,327 ft. lbs. and on to include the speedMASTER® spindle with high speeds of up to 30,000 rpm.

World premiere: DMU 210 P 2nd Generation

The DMU 210 P 2nd Generation with its optimized work area, which now measures 82.7 in. x 82.7 in. x 49.2 in., is the prelude to the new generation of portal machines from DMG MORI. A considerably higher level of rigidity and an intelligent cooling concept that includes a spindle growth sensor ensure maximum long-term accuracy for the DMU 210 P 2nd Generation, making it significantly more accurate than its predecessor does.

The DMU 210 P 2nd Generation is quick and simple to install thanks to its 3-point support and impresses in day-to-day production with 30 percent reduced energy consumption. The modular concept of the new portal machine includes an innovative wheel magazine that can hold up to 303 SK50 tools and the widest possible choice of spindles. The 738 ft. lbs. powerMASTER® motor spindle and the torqueMASTER® gear spindle with up to 1,327 ft. lbs. are available here especially for heavy-duty machining.

World premiere: DMU 600 G linear

In the XXL Center at DECKEL MAHO in Pfronten – the most cutting-edge large machine production in the world – DMG MORI designed and constructed the DMU 600 G linear for best surface quality and high dynamics. These are achieved through the use of the innovative contactless linear-motor drive technology. The design of the machine has been optimized with regard to static and dynamic rigidity and ensures consistent temperature stability thanks to extensive temperature control measures for the structure, components and guides. Energy-efficient consumption is achieved by the use of innovative cooling technology and needs-based activation of units.

The DMU 600 G linear is designed for workpieces weighing up to 60,000 lbs., with a point load of 3,072 lb/ft². The table measures 196.8 in. x 118.1 in. in a work area of 236.2 in. x 137.8 in. x 59.1 in. in the standard configuration. The plunger with optimized interference contour enables travel of optionally up to 78.7 in. in the Z-direction. The modular spindle range includes a torque spindle with 12,000 rpm and 221.3 ft. lbs., a vertical head gear spindle for maximum torques of up to 1,844 ft. lbs. and a motor spindle with a high speed of up to 28,000 rpm.

World premiere: DIXI 125

DMG MORI has extended the high-precision machining centers in the DIXI series to include the smaller DIXI 125 for workpieces with diameters up to 49.2 in. Like its bigger sister models the DIXI 125 also impresses with a unique volumetric accuracy of less than 0.0006 in. The basis for this are the manually scraped guide contact surfaces that achieve a flatness and straightness of three µm when mounted, perfect machine geometry and on-site volumetric measurement and compensation.

A 259-gal coolant unit with reference-guided temperature control and a powerful (also reference-guided) machine cooling unit for the main drive, feed drives, guides and machine structure together with a thermo shield that insulates against ambient influences guarantee the extreme thermal stability of the DIXI 125. This is further optimized by the individual thermal compensation of every single machine and the use of the spindle-growth-sensor (SGS) for direct measurement and compensation of spindle rotor displacement.

World premiere: ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation

Even externally, the completely revised ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation with its new, functional design and a reduced footprint of just 37.7 ft² is impressive compared to its predecessor. The diverse technological optimisations include the now optional 60,000 rpm speed of the spindle, the up to 47 percent (A-axis) more powerful drive motors, a 33 lb. higher load weight and the use of larger tool diameters of up to 2.0 in. Another highlight is the high-speed C-axis (1,500 rpm) for high-precision and productive internal and external cylindrical grinding of rotational-symmetric workpieces made of advance materials.

Where control is concerned, the ULTRASONIC 20 linear 2nd Generation supports users with a multitude of new functions. The ULTRASONIC parameters are automatically determined and tracked during processing. In the clearly arranged CELOS® control a CELOS® APP expressly developed for the purpose shows the ULTRASONIC technology cycles and key process parameters such as frequency, amplitude and output, thus enabling maximum utilisation of the ULTRASONIC and machine performance.


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