Incoe Corporation Announces Grand Opening of New European Headquarters

Incoe International Europe, of Rödermark, Germany, has moved into its new European headquarters after seven months of construction.

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Incoe International Europe (Rödermark, Germany), parent company of  Incoe Corporation USA, has moved into its new European headquarters after seven months of construction. The new facility, located near the former company building, nearly doubles the total workspace available and allows for significant building expansion in the future.

"Up until now, divisions such as Applications Technology, Design and Manufacturing had to be coordinated across three buildings," explained Gunnar Gramatzki, General Manager in Rödermark. While conceptualizing the new building design, lean management principles were considered to maximize the efficiency of manufacturing, management, engineering and customer support processes within the facility. Modern energy technologies were utilized as well, including a climate-controlled quality assurance laboratory.

Bob Hoff, President, was in attendance at the grand opening. "The European economy, as a whole, has hit a rough patch in the last several years," said Hoff. "Despite the tepid economic environment, Incoe has continued to thrive here in Europe, and worldwide as well." The new German facility joins other recent expansion projects in China and the United States. Mr. Hoff added, "As our customers have leveraged their global operations, especially in China, we have continued to increase our capacity to better coordinate our capability worldwide. This new building will allow Incoe to be an even better partner with our customers in Europe."

In his remarks at the grand opening ceremony, Eric J. Seres Jr., CEO, made it clear that Incoe remains committed to the success of its European customers. "We built this for you," Mr. Seres said to the audience of Incoe customers in attendance, adding later, "Other companies are concentrating on mergers and acquisitions, distracted by the merging of cultures, finance activities and legacy administration. Our focus has been and always will be 100-percent customer-driven."

In his presentation that followed, Mr. Gramatzki outlined the goals of the new facility. In cooperation with the other Incoe locations worldwide, the European headquarters represents a centrally located engineering technology and production center for the European market and will also serve as a forum for sharing competence and promoting innovation.

All in all, the move is a cornerstone from which to build upon Iscoe's success during the last several years, further shortening delivery and response times, improving communication and teamwork with customers, and improving benefits to customers through product innovations. As a sign of commitment, Mr. Seres presented his General Manager with a key and declared the opening of the new European headquarters.