Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies Announces New Hybrid AM Subsidiary

The new division offers customers Manufacturing-as-a-Service, and enables wider access to hybrid technology, including laser metal deposition and more.


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HMT cast iron block cladding.

Photo Credit: Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies.

Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies (HMT, McKinney, Texas) debuts its new subsidiary, Hybrid Advanced Manufacturing (Hybrid AM) which now offers Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) using its expertise and equipment.

HMT says it has been spearheading the transition of hybrid systems into commercial reality for over eight years and despite COVID-19, was fortunate enough to recently double the size of its facilities. This expansion now houses the new Advanced Manufacturing division headed by Peter-Jon Solomon, MSc, CEng. The division wields state-of-the-art laser metal deposition and polymer/composite extrusion additive, all integrated with subtractive and inspection capabilities.

“We understand that many would like access to our technology, but do not yet have enough demand to purchase their own system. This new division furthers our mission to enable wider access to hybrid technology. Our integrated approach to digital manufacturing drives untapped value for customer applications not practical with other approaches,” says Dr. Jason Jones.

Whether customers need an all-in-one hybrid machine or a cell with additive and subtractive capabilities, HMT says it can help advise for individual products.

Inquiries and interested parties can see the capabilities and send inquiries to: Hybrid-am.com