12/4/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Husky Strengthens Its PET Tooling Business

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Husky is bringing its patented HyPET HPP5 technology to legacy systems and tooling generations to add value and capability for customers.

Husky Injection Molding Systems has made investments to its PET Tooling business to increase customer value and better respond to market needs. Husky offers a complete, integrated system solution, and it is bringing its patented HyPET HPP5 technology to legacy systems and tooling generations.

One recent example is Husky’s patented Self-cleaning Technology, which the company says eliminates hundreds of hours of mold maintenance a year. Originally developed for HyPET HPP5, Self-cleaning Technology is now available for all HyPET platforms. Husky’s Integrated Mold Alignment is another example of how the latest HyPET HPP5 technologies are being applied to legacy platforms. Integrated Mold Alignment uses strategically placed sensors to provide closed loop feedback from the molding cell to the system operator. Husky says that the feedback results in prolonged mold life and reduced regular maintenance intervals. Husky hot runners also benefit from similar advances. An example is the new Ultra G-PET hot runner, which is designed to replace legacy solid skirt technology. Husky says that by implementing HyPET HPP5’s hot runner design, customers benefit from increased longevity. Also, Husky has developed a new 96- and 128-cavity upgrade solution for HyPET systems, enabling customers to achieve more than 30 percent increase in production capacity.

Huksy says that over the last three years it has made investments to further improve its global refurbishment and conversion capabilities that enable the company to expedite delivery, reach more customers, reduce lead times and provide the most effective tooling solutions. To provide more responsive and agile support, Husky recently established a dedicated cross-functional global team of experts solely focused on serving customers’ PET Tooling needs. Husky’s dedicated teams, with collective experience working with more than 100,000 preform, bottle and closure applications and fully engineered packages, will work closely with customers to gain a deeper understanding of their PET Tooling needs and provide solutions to improve their technology to be more competitive. Husky has prototyping laboratories located in Canada, Luxembourg and Shanghai to assist customers in the development of new preform and closure designs. Husky says that it ensures that designs are customized to the specific needs of each customer’s unique application in terms of preform quality, product performance, part weight, tooling flexibility and cycle time.

Husky’s range of PET Tooling solutions will be featured at the company’s upcoming 2018 tradeshows, including Plastindia (February 7–12, 2018) and NPE (May 7–11, 2018).