5/15/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Husky Announces Strategic Expansion

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Husky puts focus on customer success and long-term growth.


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Husky Injection Molding Systems announced changes that support its ongoing commitment to customer success and its goal of strategic growth.

Husky has become well known for a regular cadence of innovation in both tooling and fully integrated injection molding systems. In 2015, Husky launched its revolutionary new Multi-Layer Technology, a development that helps customers bring safer, more cost-effective and attractive packages to market. It also launched the first ever self-cleaning mold for PET preform manufacturing that significantly reduces mold maintenance hours and improves annual productivity by more than 5%. Then in 2016, Husky announced the release of its next generation beverage closure system, HyCAP™4.  At K Fair 2016 in Düsseldorf Germany, Husky demonstrated its new HyperSync™ system for the first time, showcasing the industry’s only fully integrated system for the manufacture of specialty closures.

To continue to expand capabilities, foster new innovations and grow further beyond its core markets, Husky has appointed Robert Domodossola to the role of President, Medical and Specialty Packaging. Mr. Domodossola has progressed through a number of design and engineering management roles, most recently serving as Husky’s Vice President of Engineering and Business Development. He holds a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Toronto. With this experience, Mr. Domodossola will look to further develop the company’s strong foothold in tooling and expand Husky’s complete system offerings to adjacent markets.

Husky has also increased its install base of equipment globally. To continue to support systems in the field the company has formed a new organization focused on Customer Success Management (CSM). This organization is dedicated to proactive support for customers, building stronger partnerships and working with customers to ensure that their investment in Husky equipment is optimized. To lead this organization, Husky has appointed Srdjan Mucibabic to the role of President, Customer Success Management. Mr. Mucibabic began his career with Husky in 1997, holding several key roles within the company and gaining multidisciplinary experience in Development Engineering, Operations and Service. Prior to taking on the role of President, Mr. Mucibabic was the Vice President of Husky’s award winning service organization. Mr. Mucibabic is a Professional Engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with a major in Automation and Electronics. 


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