Haidlmair Produces Additional Molds for Childrens' Masks

After the successful launch of its first version of the mask for adults, European companies Haidlmair and Providee have come together again to produce a children's version of the same mask.


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The Bavarian company Providee uses a mold for the production of mouth-nose breathing masks, which Austrian company Haidlmair was able to complete in a record time of around two weeks. Together, the companies were able produce a reusable mask made of the plastic material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) where a filter material could be inserted between the two halves.

After the successful launch of its first version of the mask for adults, the companies have come together again to produce a children's version that is specially adapted to the requirements of the child's anatomy. These masks are approximately 30% smaller than the adult version and guarantee the same level of protection for children. The mold, which impresses with a particularly high productivity and quality, was again completed by Haidlmar in the same time of about two weeks and delivered to Providee.

“From the idea to the finished and sellable product, we have launched Innocept Engineering and the injection molding specialist Formeotec, a sustainable concept for mouth-nose breathing masks onto the market within a very short time. The mask can also be used in many areas after the coronavirus pandemic. Our customers are particularly impressed by the comfort and ease of breathing. Haidlmar​​​​​​​ implemented our wishes perfectly and was available to us at any time,” says Andree Barth. 

In addition, Providee​​​​​​​ and Haidlmar​​​​​​​ offer the product and molds worldwide in various versions for all interested companies in the form of a license model. Haidlmar​​​​​​​ is an international license partner.

 “Thanks to the great international cooperation with Providee and its managing director Andree Barth, we were able to put together an attractive package for all international companies that want to make a small contribution to combating the insidious virus. But to make all of this possible, I have to say a big thank you to my employees, because they did a great job in these difficult times so that the mold could be finished so quickly,” says Mario Haidlmair.