Haas Automation Hosts National “Multi-Tasking Turning Center” Demo Day

On September 14, 2011, Haas Automation, Inc., will host a “Multi-Tasking Turning Center” Demo Day at more than 40 Haas Factory Outlets (HFOs) throughout the United States and Canada.

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This 18th national event will feature the new Haas ST and DS series multi-tasking turning centers with Y-axis and dual-spindle capability.

The Haas ST series Y-axis turning centers provide 4" of Y-axis travel (±2" from the centerline) for off-center milling, drilling, and tapping, and include high-torque live tooling and a servo-driven C axis for versatile 4-axis capability. The machines are available in standard and Super Speed configurations.

The Haas DS series dual-spindle turning centers provide the ability to turn both ends of a part in a single setup to minimize part handling, increase throughput, and reduce work-in-process. The opposed spindles support fully synchronized turning, and allow on-the-fly part pass-off to reduce cycle times.

Adding Y axis, C axis, and live tooling to the machines creates powerful “done-in-one” machining solutions for any shop. The DS machines are available in standard and Super Speed configurations.
In addition to live demonstrations running on the Haas machines, each local HFO will host educational seminars on the latest trends for boosting output and increasing profits. Haas applications engineers – as well as representatives from major tooling, workholding, and CAD/CAM manufacturers – will be on hand to help customers adapt the newest machine technology and manufacturing strategies to their shop floor.

Those attending Demo Day 18 at their local HFO will receive a free limited-edition Haas T-shirt (while supplies last), and enjoy complimentary food and drink.