GW Plastics Completes RJG Tryout Shop Certification

RJG Inc. is proud to announce that GW Plastics, Inc. has completed all requirements to become an RJG Certified Tryout Shop at its Technology Center in Royalton, Vermont.

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RJG Inc. is proud to announce that GW Plastics, Inc. has completed all requirements to become an RJG Certified Tryout Shop at its Technology Center in Royalton, Vermont.  As a global leader in precision mold building, molding and contract assembly, GW recognizes the significance of receiving this certification, for its employees and customers.  “This innovative training and certification program offered by RJG, has provided GW with the advanced tools necessary to ensure a systematic approach to tooling qualification and process development resulting in improved quality and efficiency for our customers” says Chris Alibozek, Engineering Manager-Technical Services for GW Plastics.

RJG certification is obtained through a series of demanding equipment and training requirements that provide a firm understanding of systematic and scientific molding principles as well as the strategies behind DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM techniques and rigorous mold tryouts.  These molding concepts allow tryout shops to build a foundation of understanding that enables the molds they test to perform at the highest level possible.  This training promotes synergy during the design process, as well as improved means for communication and data interpretation from a common reference with the customer.  By understanding the molding process from the plastics point of view, mold builders understand what goes on in the mold cavity as plastic flows, pressurizes and cools.  The cornerstone of this training is the use of data from within the mold cavity so actual in-mold data of pressures, flow rates, balance and cooling rates can be observed to allow analytical problem solving instead of trial-and-error methods.

Matt Groleau, President of RJG, Inc., noted, “GW Plastics’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made this partnership a good fit.   The knowledge and skills gained through this certification process will help GW Plastics strengthen their current customer relationships while providing an avenue to increase their customer base.”

About GW Plastics:
GW Plastics - Plastics News 2009 Processor of the Year - is a global, high-precision injection molder, mold builder and contact manufacturer specializing in single-source responsibility for medium-to-high volume, close-tolerance components and assemblies.  Ranked among world’s top injection molders GW Plastics’ leading edge technologies, total quality commitment and pursuit of innovation have driven its steady growth since the company was founded in 1955.  The financially strong, closely held organization services a portfolio of market leading customers in the Healthcare, Consumer/Industrial and Automotive Safety markets.  GW’s capabilities include thermoplastic/silicone injection molding and assembly including precision conventional, insert, multi-shot and gear molding operating from six ISO Class 8 cleanrooms worldwide.  The company’s FDA-registered, ISO 13485 facilities are located in Bethel and Royalton, Vermont; San Antonio, Texas; Tucson, Arizona; Querétaro, Mexico; and Dongguan, China.

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