Gleason Celebrates Milestone, Renames Plastic Gear Division

The 150-year-old company’s plastic division services markets including electronics, medical equipment and power and air tools.

Gleason Corporation has announced a new name for its plastic gears division.  Formerly known as K2 Plastics, then subsequently renamed Gleason-K2 Plastics after its acquisition by Gleason in 2011, the division’s new name is Gleason Plastic Gears.

Gleason Plastic Gears products are sold to a diverse set of markets, including electronics, medical equipment, power and air tools and others, using its proprietary “no weld-line” technology to achieve superior strength and accuracy for its plastic injection molded parts.  Gleason Plastic Gears also provides comprehensive engineering consultation from design to material selection to prototyping.

Gleason Plastic Gears will continue to operate with its current staff at their manufacturing facility in Bergen, New York. 

The company also celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. Born in Ireland in 1836, William Gleason believed that the post Civil War railroad expansion in the U.S. pointed to metalworking and machinery as keys to the future.  Gleason started a one-room shop with a handful of employees in 1865 and by 1875 he acquired the Kidd Iron Works.  This move, along with patents he received for several developments, allowed Gleason to focus on the business of gear machining processes.  In 1874, Gleason invented the first bevel gear planer, modernizing the gear-making process and spurring a new industry – bevel gears.