GF AgieCharmilles Names Alicona 3D Measurement Partner

Worldwide collaboration helps manufacturers master full process chain

GF AgieCharmilles, a leading supplier of high precision machine tools and automation services, recently joined forces with Alicona, an expert in high-resolution optical 3D measurement. The partnership will allow GF AgieCharmilles to assist its manufacturing customers around the world in mastering the full process chain of natural texturing to final machined parts.

GF AgieCharmilles began its partnership with Alicona in the area of 3D laser texturing > and is now extending the worldwide collaboration into the rest of its technology segments, including electrical discharge machining (EDM), high speed milling (HSM) and high performance milling (HPM).

“In the beginning, we wanted a solution that would scan and digitalize natural textures, such as leather or silk, into a 3D model for accurately reproducing surface characteristics on a mold,” said Gisbert Ledvon, business development manager for AgieCharmilles LLC. “Alicona’s InfiniteFocus 3D measurement system exceeded our expectations in laser texturing, encouraging us to engage the technology into other areas of our business.”

InfiniteFocus is an optical 3D measurement device for quality assurance in the micro and nano ranges. It provides all functionalities for dimensional measurements, surface analysis and characterization. When it comes to geometries with steep flanks, highly reflective properties and strong roughness, InfiniteFocus measures with a vertical resolution up to 10nm, making the instrument ideal for both homogeneous and compound materials.

As GF AgieCharmilles continues to move its EDM and milling technologies into micro—and eventually nano—applications, InfiniteFocus is a valuable tool as it delivers high resolution form and roughness measurements that would otherwise be impossible to achieve in such tiny applications.

“This opens up new possibilities in tool optimization and makes research and development processes more efficient,” said Ledvon. “I am convinced there is nothing better in 3D measurement than InfiniteFocus. It lets our customers verify the mico-geometry of their machined components, which, in turn, shows just how competent GF AgieCharmilles is in manufacturing high precision machines. Furthermore, InfiniteFocus is able to verify form deviations for increased process reliability.”