Free Technical Seminar on Advanced Materials and Processes

Crafts Technology is holding the seminar on October 12, 2011 at its Elk Grove Village, Illinois location.

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Crafts Technology is hosting a free technical seminar on  “Advanced Materials and Processes”.  The seminar will be held on October 12, 2011 at their Elk Grove Village, Illinois location.  This seminar is designed to provide technical information on Cemented Tungsten Carbide and Advanced Ceramic materials.   The team of experts will address all of the properties of the materials, examples of applications, and benefits.  They will discuss modes of failure and how proper grade selection plays a major role in solving wear and corrosion problems.  This half day event is free to qualified enrollees. To attend, visit Crafts Technology website at or contact David LeMaistre at 847-758-3100.

About Crafts Technology: Crafts Technology is an engineering-manufacturing service company that specializes in the manufacturing of ultra-hard wear parts, components and custom tooling made from specific grades of tungsten carbide, advanced ceramics or polycrystalline diamond. The company is dedicated to becoming the technical resource on wear and corrosion resistant materials for their customers. 

Visit their website at for additional information.