FimmTech Introduces Plastics Product Workshop

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FimmTech recently held a workshop which provided in-depth knowledge of plastics product design.

FimmTech recently held introductory and advanced workshops in Carlsbad, California. The workshops aimed at providing in-depth knowledge of plastics product design and covered everything from basic to advanced design principles. The attendees of the introductory workshop learned about the importance of proper material selection, part design fundamentals, manufacturing considerations, design for assembly, tooling considerations, rapid prototyping techniques, failure analysis and testing.

The advanced design portion covered plastics material behavior, stress-strain relationship, short term and long-term loading, creep and relaxation, design for stiffness, tolerance analysis, FEA and how to determine design safety factors.

Attendees had the option to experience hands-on learning in either the introductory or advanced portion, or even both. For more information, click here.


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