7/30/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Faster Horse Launches Brand-Neutral Resourse

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A Faster Horse, developed by the consultancy services division of Seco Tools, provides a new manufacturing resource.


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As a new brand-neutral online platform, A Faster Horse provides users in the manufacturing industry direct access to experts, knowledge, insights and solutions from a wide range of qualified partners at no cost. Partners provide groups through which subscribers can access specialized content, advice and solutions designed to optimize operational efficiency, reduce waste and envision the future.

Starting as community, grows into solution aggregator

Providing users and companies with industry services, manufacturing optimization experts, Industry 4.0 solutions and just-in-time information, A Faster Horse helps its users improve their operations and save money with effective and efficient solutions. A Faster Horse has already launched its community features, with informational content and a partner network. The community will grow into a service aggregating platform, including a marketplace through which subscribers can market their products and services. A capacity-sharing feature will enable short-term rentals of production capability during what otherwise would be down time. Messaging and chat functions will also help drive conversation about the optimization of manufacturing processes.

Qualified suppliers and solutions

Online transparency and authenticity help A Faster Horse focus on providing high-quality content and services. Anonymous postings on some informational sites make it impossible for subscribers to qualify the expert status of individuals who dispense advice and insights. On A Faster Horse, users and carefully selected partners are identified by their real names, with their verified experience listed to substantiate their participation. Communication can be open or in private, depending on the nature of the subject.

Makes AI accessible for members

A Faster Horse’s partners help users optimize today’s machine shops, but the platform is also looking ahead, building integration with IBM Watson to become the first open AI-enhanced platform specialized for the manufacturing industry. The AI-service will be accessible for members of A Faster Horse and will not require any development from the platform members. Co-creation sessions are planned where early adopting members will be able to influence the development of the service.


  • Reduce the Time and Costs of Jig and Fixture Manufacture

    When it comes to the manufacture of jigs, fixtures and assembly tools, time-to-market for new products can be reduced, overall costs can be saved and the quality of the resulting components/production can increase with the use of additive fabrication—laser sintering and fused deposition modeling.

  • Methods of Rapid Tooling Worldwide

    In the short term, indirect methods of RT will continue to flourish because these methods are the most developed. In the long term, however, companies will lean toward direct methods of tooling.

  • Mold Cooling Options

    A look at three options for integrating conformal cooling into a core or cavity with an emphasis on vacuum brazing.


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