FANUC America Launches CRX Cobot Website

Newly launched e-Learning website educates manufacturers and industry about FANUC’s CRX collaborative robot to get customers and employees up to speed.
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FANUC CRX Cobot website.

Photo Credit: FANUC America

FANUC America Corp. (Rochester Hills, Missouri) announced on Jan. 26 the launch of a new e-Learning website to educate manufacturers and industry about its CRX collaborative robot (cobot). The site provides online training modules, a deep dive into a wide range of peripheral device and tooling partners and the latest product information about the company’s CRX cobot lineup. 

According to FANUC, its new CRX collaborative robots are easy to use and program, safe, flexible and quick to get up and running for a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications. The CRX is available in two models, both with 10-kilogram payloads, including the CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L long-reach version. A tablet teach pendant with icon-based drag-and-drop control enables users to program the robot with no required programming knowledge. The CRX series offers customers eight years of maintenance-free operation, and FANUC’s industrial reliability. CRX robot application videos can be viewed here.

A lightweight and sleek construction makes it easy to mount the CRX on a mobile platform, allowing operators to glide the cobot to different work areas. A new, simplified gripper connection is said to make changing end-of-arm-tools for new tasks more straightforward. Also, an IP67 rating means the CRX can work in harsh environments. 

“When it comes to cobots, the CRX is an exceptional choice for companies—even for first-time robot users,” say Eric Potter, director of FANUC’s general industry and automotive engineering segments. “Like all of FANUC’s robots, the CRX offers our proven industrial quality and reliability. In addition, this robot can operate for eight years maintenance-free—truly a game changer for companies looking to lower costs and increase productivity.”

FANUC notes that CRX e-Learning training modules help customers get their employees quickly up to speed. There are currently three online tutorials that cover a product overview with features, unboxing and setup and a programming course. Additional learning modules will be offered in the next few months. Interested parties can register here.

Further, the CRX site includes a list of FANUC approved CRX device suppliers for Cobot EOAT devices, grippers, accessories and plugins.  The growing list of partners include: ATI, Leoni, OnRobot, Schmalz, Schunk, SMC, Soft Robotics and Swivellink.  

FANUC welcomes industrial robot device suppliers interested in having their products or solutions become part of the FANUC approved devices program for the CRX collaborative robots. 


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