Evaluate Machine Capability, Condition in Three Hours

Ideal for pre-purchase equipment inspection or a run of critical parts, ProCheck covers eight critical areas from axis kinematics and positioning to bearing vibration and coolant condition.

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Fives Global Services' new ProCheck machinery evaluation provides a detailed report on the condition and capability of machine tools and other major plant equipment, before purchasing or using systems for critical manufacturing. “Predictive maintenance inspections with ProCheck help avert unscheduled downtime and reduce scrap by ensuring machine tool capability before running critical parts,” said Gary Finney, Vice President and General Manager of Fives Global Services. “A ProCheck inspection takes less than three hours and includes a detailed report, all for $600 per machine.”
 A ProCheck inspection for machine tools begins with a three-axis ballbar test that evaluates 11 areas including circularity, squareness, backlash, axis reversal spikes and straightness. Other tests include:
·  Measurement of spindle clamping force and runout.
·  Ultrasonic scanning of critical plant/machine systems for bearing vibration/noise, air leaks, pump cavitation, and electrical anomalies.
·  Infrared thermographic inspection of bearings, motors, pumps and electrical systems.
·  Refractometer testing of coolant condition, concentration and pH level, as well as measurement of tramp oils.
·  Ground loop and current leakage testing of electrical systems.