Enter Today: MMT Seeks 2018 Leadtime Leader

There are five quick and important things to know about the Leadtime Leader Award competition and how your shop can enter to win in 2018.

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Right now, MMT is looking for 2018’s Leadtime Leader. Here are five quick and important things to know about the competition and how your shop can enter.

1. The Leadtime Leader Awards are all about honoring excellence in moldmaking. MMT’s Leadtime Leader Awards seek to recognize excellence in industry leaders and in those aspiring to be industry leaders.

2. It’s about quality, not quantity. It’s not just about whether your shop has the shortest delivery times. It’s about what you do with what you have. Any shop that performs moldmaking operations is eligible to compete.

3. Shops that win go the extra mile. They complete the questionnaire fully and with detail, and then they go a step further. They include things like PowerPoint presentations, photographs, employee input and videos in addition to the questionnaire. They also express very clearly a passion for their work and a desire to win!

4. Winning pays off. Do you need a little motivation? This is what one past winner has said about what the award has done for its business:

Nothing has a bigger impact on your company than the Leadtime Leader Award. Every shop is fighting for recognition, and this award gives your company instantaneous recognition and credibility in the industry as a leader, not just as a leader at leadtime, but as a true leader.” —Ray Coombs, president of 2014 winner Westminster Tool (Plainfield, Connecticut). To read more about Westminster Tool’s experience with winning, check out the feature on Westminster from June 2014.

5. There’s no time to waste! MMT encourages shops to enter online before the end of the year. Don’t let the business of the end of the year or your planning for next year’s shows prevent you from entering. You’ll be glad you did.


A shop can enter using the registration form that is available online. If you have questions about the competition or the registration process, contact Editorial Director Christina Fuges at cfuges@gardnerweb.com.