Dr. Hossein Nivi and Joseph Sahiouni Join Keynote Line-up at PLM Road Map™ 2011

Presentation will introduce the concept of “Transplementation” as a unique approach for implementing PLM.

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Collaborative Product Development Associates (CPDA), a leading provider of critical analyses for PLM decisions, announces that Pendaran’s Founder and CEO, Dr. Hossein Nivi and Geometric America’s President, Joseph Sahiouni will join Siemens PLM Software’s Stephen M. Bashada, Georgia Tech’s Dr. Chris Paredis and Hewlett-Packard’s Christian Verstraete as keynote speakers at PLM Road Map™ 2011 which will take place at The Inn at St. John's, outside of Detroit, on October 4th and 5th.

The presentation, “Transplementation” – The Art of Transformation and Implementation for PLM, will examine the pitfalls associated with the transformation and implementation of PLM and show how the concept of “Transplementation” can offer a unique approach for the successful implementation of PLM.

Managing product information from the point of conception to product obsolescence has been a dream for many companies. Historically, however, each element of product life cycle information evolves individually, leading to the creation of a fragmented workflow that is not a system, but a collection of workflows that offer a band-aid approach to meeting customer needs. PLM is perceived as the tool that assembles all the information into one easily accessible environment. Technology has gradually found better tools for integrating the information, but has not addressed the more difficult need to integrate people into the fragmented workflow solution. The full solution is a cultural alignment of different parts of the company, with an aligned workflow, in an integrated information flow.