Doosan Guests and Distributors Preview New Machine Tools

More than 55 machine tools – both new and established favorites – were on display at Doosan’s twelfth bi-annual DIMF machine tool show held in Doosan’s Changwon, Korea manufacturing facility.

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The display included a broad array of turning and machining centers, many of which feature the pumped-up speed, power and rigidity needed to cut titanium and other difficult-to-machine materials.

 Among the newest, never- before-exhibited machines was the Puma VTS family of ram-type vertical turning centers.  With a 36” diameter crossed roller bearing and 38” stroke powered by a 50 Hp motor, the largest of the VTS models is designed for a range of applications including the manufacture of wind turbines, railway wheels and similar parts found in aerospace, petroleum and marine applications.

Also demonstrated was Doosan’s big bore, heavy duty horizontal turning center - the Puma 800B.  This giant machine is designed for parts up to 35.4” diam. by 63.0” long and bore diameters up to 14.7” diam.  Its 60 Hp motor generates speeds as high as 550 rpm for superior surface finishes.  The P-800B is ideally configured for big bore pipes used typically in the oil and gas industry, or for the production of a variety of large-machine parts.

Doosan machining centers now provide a greater range of machines with the speed, power and rigidity needed  for difficult-to-cut materials.  \

Added to Doosan’s traditional family of vertical machining centers are newer designs for specialized applications.  Its new DVM  and NX family, for example, are designed to meet the special needs of die and mold makers.  The DVM, with strokes of 50” x 26.3” x 24.6”,  has slightly larger capacity than the NX.  The NX, however, with up to 30,000 rpm spindle speeds and a 30 HP spindle motor, exhibits greater power and speed.  Its rigidity and center drive design produces  faster traverses and micron precision.

Both the DVM and the NX plus the high-speed DNM vertical machining centers are now available with five programmable axes.

The NHM 5000, 6300 and 8000 are the newest addition to Doosan’s families of horizontal machining centers, replacing the older HM models.  The bed consists of a single casting, rather than the separated bed of earlier models.  Strokes have increased approximately 10% to 41.3”/33.5”/39.4” (X/Y/Z).  The spindle motor is 45 HP and generates spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm.  

More than 2,500 guests and distributors attended the week-long DIMF machine tool show.  In addition to demonstrations, guests attended seminars designed to help metalworkers derive the best performance from their Doosan machines, particularly when cutting titanium to micron tolerances.  The next DIMF show is expected to be held in 2013.