DMG Mori Hosted Open House

DMG Mori hosted an Open House on January 22-26 at Deckel Maho in Pfronten. 

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DMG Mori recently hosted an open house at Deckel Maho in Pfronten. The event covered integrated digitization, automation, additive manufacturing and the premiere of two products. 

Guests were invited on a tour of products and solutions for integrated digitalization including the CELOS operating system, Production Planner, and NetService and WerkBLiQ applications for maintenance control. DMG Mori’s Robo2Go 2nd generation automation system was on display, which can be operated on the CLX series of turning centers as well as the turn and mill complete machining centers from the CTX TC series. Additionally, the company presented its solutions for additive manufacturing metal parts including its LaserTec 3D hybrid, 3D and SLM series.

Along with these presentations, DMG Mori also premiered two products: the DMP 70 milling machine and the LaserTec 125 Shape laser scanner. The DMP 70 is designed for applications in medical technology, aerospace and other demanding industries. The machine has a travel path of as much as 700 mm × 420 mm × 380 mm and its optional integrated rotary table enables five-axis simultaneous machining of a range of components. The LaserTec 125 Shape enables users from any sector of tool and moldmaking with freedom of design with repeatability. The machine’s “green” technology is also said to enable faster etching processes.

For more information on this event, see DMG Mori’s video.

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