DME Celebrates 70th Anniversary by Giving Back, Looking Ahead

Company will recognize 70 years of customer support with events, specials & other initiatives.

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2012 marks the 70th anniversary year of DME, a leading manufacturer of mold technologies and a global icon in the plastics industry.

DME will celebrate this milestone with various expressions of appreciation for customers and partners throughout the year. The company will also use this opportunity to solicit customer feedback for improving and growing in the decades to come.

"DME's 70-year legacy of success results from the commitment of our employees and the ongoing support of our worldwide base of customers," said Dave Lawrence, DME President. "We'll be using this year to thank our customers in a variety of ways. At the same time, we'll be looking forward at ways to keep growing and expanding for the next 70 years – and beyond."

Seven Decades of Innovation & Expansion
DME was founded in 1942 as Detroit Mold Engineering, manufacturing standard-sized mold bases ready for machining of the cavity. Since then, the company has continuously expanded its products and services, now offering:
• Mold bases & plates
• Quick change systems
• Mold components
• Hot runner & cold runner technologies
• Control systems
• Die-casting equipment
• Molding & Moldmaking supplies
• MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Operation) supplies • Wide range of solutions & services, including DME's acclaimed Hot Runner Service Center and Moldflow analysis

The company's focus on standardization continues today with its global product platforms, which provide multinational customers with the confidence that they're getting the same high-quality DME products wherever they do business.

"We've built a reputation where our customers know they can depend on all DME products, all the time, all around the world," said Lawrence. "We will continue to aggressively develop new technologies aimed at overcoming customers' emerging challenges and seizing new opportunities."

Customer Appreciation Events
Special events planned for the anniversary year include:
 • NPE celebration – In addition to displaying lots of new products at the International Plastics Showcase in April     in Orlando, the company will be kicking off an anniversary giveaway to solicit customer input on its future challenges.
 • Ecommerce upgrades – The company is implementing a variety of improvements to make its system easier and faster than ever, including enhanced credit card ordering capability.
 • Faster hot runner delivery – Thanks to smarter sourcing, DME has improved turnarounds on its full line of hot runner systems and components.
 • Deals & promotions – The company will be offering a variety of specials and discounts to customers as a way of saying "thanks for your longstanding support."
 • The DME inventor network – DME is stepping up collaborative efforts to bring innovative, problem-solving ideas to market and better solutions to our customers.
 • Customer success stories – The company will continue to share customer tales of triumph.

"In the year ahead and for long after that, you can count on DME to provide better solutions, at the lowest cost possible, delivered faster than ever, around the world," said Lawrence. "That's DME's global commitment, and you can count on it every step of the way."


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