DME Brings Mold Technologies Expertise Closer to Molders and Moldmakers in Mexico

Querétaro facility to provide mold components, hot runners and direct support to customers.

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Molders and moldmakers in Mexico’s fast-growing plastics industry will have greater access to the advanced mold technologies expertise and support of global mold technologies supplier DME, as the company has established a permanent presence within Milacron’s integrated High Impact Technology Center in Querétaro.

DME now sells directly to customers in Mexico through the full-service 10,000-square-foot facility. Supported by a full-time staff of 32 persons, the operation assists customers throughout Mexico who rely on DME solutions, as well as plastics technologies provided by the entire family of Milacron companies.  DME direct sales representatives are located in Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Querétaro, as well as other important commerce regions within the countryFulgencio Armendariz, DME Sales Manager for Mexico and a 25-year plastics industry veteran, is heading up DME Mexico sales operations.

Additionally, customers are able to view and, later this year, order products using a dedicated Spanish-language website, located at

The new Queretaro facility has been stocked with the most popular DME products as well as a wide array of frequently requested replacement items. Complete with classrooms for educational sessions and a showroom displaying a wide variety of plastics technologies, the DME Mexico facility is strategically located to provide quick delivery to Mexican plastics processors throughout the country. Situated about 220 kilometers northwest of Mexico City, Querétaro has grown into one of the strongest economic and technological regions in Mexico. Numerous global manufacturers have operations in the area with more choosing Queretaro due to its favorable proximity to Mexico City and northern Mexico.

“As plastics companies in Mexico take on more complex applications and challenging demands, they’re looking for more support than ever from their suppliers,” said Dave Lange, DME Director of Sales for the Americas . “While other providers continue to use independent distribution channels, DME’s flagship Mexican facility will bring our engineering expertise – along with the widest selection of quality mold technologies - bases, plates, components, hot runners, temperature controllers, and much more – directly to our customers.” 

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