Delcam to support OSG ‘Train the Nation’ Tour for Die, Mold Manufacturers

The traveling tour runs through September.

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Delcam is supporting OSG USA with its series of in-depth seminars showing die and mold manufacturers how to take their machining to the next level.  The tour, which started this month, will visit cities across the U.S. through September. For a full list of dates and venues, please go to

Each of the one-day training events will show machinists how they can produce better results and achieve more productivity from their machines.  Delcam will show the latest release of its PowerMILL programming software for five-axis and high-speed machining on a Mikron machine tool using OSG tooling.  During the seminars, experts from the three companies will share with delegates the latest tips and techniques needed to take their machining capabilities to the next level. 

The 2015 R2 release of PowerMill includes improvements in toolpath simulation and verification, area clearance and drilling, plus more options for customization by users.  Full details are on the Learning Zone at

In order to save time with PowerMill 2015 R2, complete verification of the project for machine-tool issues such as collisions can be done, rather than having to undertake verification of each individual toolpath in turn.  Comprehensive verification is performed, including ensuring that the machine tool is capable of running the proposed strategy, as well as checking for both machine-tool collisions and tooling collisions.

In a related improvement, automatic collision checking of area-clearance toolpaths now takes into account any remaining stock on a model, both when checking the cutter and the tool-holder.  In addition, all tool-holder collision checking for area clearance takes place during toolpath calculation, allowing the user to ensure that these toolpaths can be completely free of tool-holder collisions.

Simulation has also been improved with the addition of the ability to simulate machine-tool movements as tool changes are executed.

The options for user customization have been increased steadily over the last few releases of PowerMill.  These now include the ability to create keyboard shortcuts for menu items, toolbar items, custom commands or macros, allowing frequently-used commands to be accessed more quickly.  Another new option allows expression fields to be added to custom toolbars.