3/27/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cognisco Technologies Inc. is New Reseller for Spring Technologies

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Cognisco is reseller of NCSIMUL Solutions machine control software.


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Spring Technologies, a leading developer of software that maximizes the performance of computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools, has added Cognisco Technologies Inc., Quebec, QC, Canada, as a reseller of its NCSIMUL Machine, the machining verification program within a virtual environment.

NCSIMUL Machine is a component of Spring Technologies’ NCSIMUL Solutions software suite intended to augment advanced manufacturing productivity, efficiency, and safety while reducing costs. NCSIMUL Solutions includes components to simulate and verify G-code, an innovative CAM support environment to easily port and split programs on multiple machines to maximize throughput of one’s manufacturing capacity, cutting tool management utilities, technical content publishing, and much more.

Cognisco Technologies exclusively works in the education marketplace, providing virtual reality, simulation and e-learning solutions to secondary and vocational schools, colleges and universities across Canada and the USA. Educators use NCSIMUL Machine as a virtual machining platform to train CNC machinists and to assist mechanical engineering students implement projects. Cognisco further provides academic customers with a strong product knowledge, training, support, and ancillary components to help deploy the most advanced and user friendly CNC simulation in accordance to school-specific needs.

According to Cognisco’s managing partner Stephen Perron, “NCSIMUL Machine enables our partners in education to demonstrate machining scenarios and develop students’ machining skills in a flexible, low-cost, and safe environment that lets them practice more.”

Silvère Proisy, general manager of Spring Technologies North America, said, “In a technical educational setting, simulation multiplies the number of CNC machines available, expedites the learning process while reducing machinery maintenance and consumables costs. It’s all about maximizing the learning experience and minimizing the use of capital equipment for training purposes. Not to mention that the students of today are deeply familiar with gaming and computer simulations, they become very engaged when simulation assists to their learning experience. As such, NCSIMUL Solutions software represents a fast and user friendly tool, for the customers of Cognisco Technologies in their goals to teach machining.” 


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