CIMdata Publishes “CAD Selection Considerations: Complex Geometry

Dealing with Sophisticated Freeform Shapes

CIMdata, the leading global Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) consulting and research firm announces a new paper advising CAD users on the importance of tools that allow them to deal with complex, freeform shapes. Product aesthetics—characterized by form, dimension, color, and material—can help drive sales by appealing to a consumer’s senses and eliciting pride in ownership. Eye-catching and valued products are commonly composed of sleek, curved silhouettes generated by the product designer modeling sophisticated surfaces. However, the complexity of freeform geometry can be challenging to both the designer and their CAD software, often forcing limitations on the desired product form. When selecting a CAD solution, prospective users must diligently assess their requirements for sophisticated shape definition and focus their choice on a solution that delivers satisfactory results and allows for robust interaction. This paper, the fourth in a series, identifies and discusses a number of functional capabilities for dealing with sophisticated freeform geometry within CAD solutions that have proven to be critical for leading edge users. The first three papers dealt with geometric model change editing, multi-CAD data, and large assemblies, respectively. “CAD Selection Considerations: Complex Geometry” is available to be freely downloaded here.