Checking Mold Vent Condition Apparatus and Method Patent

Process & Design Technologies LLC. has received patent for “Apparatus and Method for checking mold vent condition”.

Process & Design Technologies LLC is a world-class consulting firm dedicated to providing solutions for plastics manufacturing issues. Principal Terry L. Schwenk has been working and promoting scientific venting for numerous years. Marginal venting on injection molds can go unnoticed for years causing part defects and poor quality. Air/gas in the cavity needs to be displaced by the molten plastic. Like a syringe barrel, the plunger cannot be pushed forward if the end of the needle is too small or pinched off. The size of the needle orifice will determine how fast and how much pressure is required to push the plunger forward. If you have poor venting, it will require more pressure and time to displace the air/gas in the cavity with heat being generated as a by product.

Proper venting analysis and checking can save plastic manufacturers thousands of dollars with improved injection mold performance, fewer rejects and faster cycle times. It’s a proven fact, a marginal vent and a fast fill time can add additional heat to the molding process resulting in longer cycle times and poor part quality. 

The issued patent will allow Process & Design Technologies LLC. to offer the plastics industry for the first time, venting analysis services and equipment that has not been previously available. Vent sizes should be based on the cavity volume displacement over time and not just on the flash-ability of the material being process.

Process & Design Technologies LLC. uses proprietary calculations to determine the minimum venting needed for any application. The vent-checking device can certify that the vents have been installed properly and are functioning per design. The device can also verify that the vents are consistent and uniform from cavity to cavity resulting in a high-performance injection mold that will deliver years of quality service.


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