CCAT Announces Agreement with Toyoda to Offer Vertical Machining for Hard Metals

Cutting-edge machine tool technology to be installed at CCAT Advanced Manufacturing Center. CCAT to be able to demonstrate how Vertical Machining Center and advanced CNC programming can improve productivity when working with aerospace alloys.

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Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. (CCAT) today announced an
agreement with Toyoda Machinery USA for the installation of a cutting-edge vertical machining center at CCAT’s Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC) in East Hartford, CT.

The AMC is a leader in technology optimization and cutting-edge machining, serving small to mid-sized manufacturing companies. Working in partnership with academia and industry, CCAT offers company-specific solutions to enhance manufacturing operations and productivity. In addition, the AMC is developing additive manufacturing processes and materials to support the maintenance and repair of aerospace components.

The FV1680 Vertical Machining Center will provide CCAT with a larger workspace and significantly more capability for machining hard metals such as titanium & Inconel alloys commonly used by the aerospace industry. Toyoda’s FV vertical machining centers utilize four Y-axis box
guideways and solid cast iron bases to maximize machining rigidity.

The structural integrity of these machines is strengthened by handscraping on all 56 metal-to-metal points of contact, ensuring accuracy and repeatability for aerospace’s demanding applications.
Recognized internationally as a leader focused on supplying the latest in flexible and productive CNC machine tool technology, Toyoda excels at maximizing machine productivity and offers turnkey solutions for manufacturers throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

“We look forward to working with Toyoda to help regional manufacturers increase productivity with machining improvements,” stated Bob Torrani, AMC director. “We will be able to demonstrate how the FV1680 and advanced CNC programming can improve productivity when working with aerospace alloys.”

According to Torrani, the Toyoda’s Vertical Machining Center has three times more torque than machines currently housed at the AMC and will significantly expand the capabilities of the center.

“Now we will be able to test-out a greater range of machining improvements in our facility rather than at the customer’s site, which will minimize production disruption,” he said.

“Toyoda is proud to be part of CCAT’s collaborative framework,” stated Joseph Dobek, Toyoda Regional Manager. “Toyoda provides compelling manufacturing solutions underpinned by market-leading products, engineering consultation, and exemplar service support.”

In addition to vertical machining centers, Toyoda also has horizontal machining centers and grinders at their new Northeast Tech Center in Shrewsbury Massachusetts. “Like CCAT, Toyoda is committed to working with our customers to increase efficiencies and productivity,” said Dobek.