Carbon Lowers Resin Prices

Rapid adoption of Carbon’s digital manufacturing solution for high-volume production enables price reductions for EPX 82, EPU 41 and RPU 70.

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Carbon has announced a set of price reductions for its resins, expanding upon the bulk discount program introduced last year. EPX 82 (epoxy), EPU 41 (elastomeric polyurethane) and RPU 70 (rigid polyurethane) will be offered in bulk volumes at $50 per liter. This will increase the market for large-scale digitally manufactured parts across industries and continue to drive down costs and spur growth for Carbon’s digital manufacturing solution.

The $50 per liter resin pricing fulfills Carbon’s 2017 promise of getting to sub $100 per liter, when RPU 70 became the first resin offered at bulk discounts through Carbon’s materials program. In response to demand from its customers and partners, Carbon is reducing the price for:

  • RPU 70: versatile, tough and rigid material comparable to ABS
  • EPX 82: rigid, high-strength, temperature-resistant material comparable to glass-filled PBT and used primarily for applications like electrical connectors
  • EPU 41: highly elastic, tear-resistant and resilient material comparable to traditional TPU elastomers used primarily for cushioning, vibration isolation, gaskets and seals in applications like footwear, sporting goods, robotics, prosthetics and consumer products