CAMWorks® 2011 Software Purchased by Precision Pump Manufacturer

Flight Works, Inc. has purchased CAMWorks® 2011 3 axis milling.

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Flight Works, Inc. ( , a manufacturer of high precision pumps for turbojet and industrial applications has recently purchased CAMWorks® 2011 3 axis milling for its Santa Barbara, CA operations from Geometric (, a leader in developing advanced manufacturing software. CAMWorks® 2011 (, is the latest version of its solid-based CNC programming solution.

Flight Works, Inc. is an original equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing the OEM and RC turbojet community with innovative quality products. The company designs and manufactures high precision micro gear pumps for smooth, pulse-free operation.  They are ideally suited for high power density applications (i.e. lots of power in a small size). Applications include unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), fuel cells and electronic fuel injection systems among others. Flight Works serves the medical, aerospace, computer, research and automotive industries.  

CAMWorks 2011 is intended to be a more focused upgrade in the CAMWorks line and provide significant new capabilities including enhanced automation, improved knowledge-based machining information, smarter tool paths, and more. This version includes VoluMill® the ultra high-performance toolpath plug-in engine for high speed milling for 2 .5 axis and 3 axis roughing operations. Feature Recognition, which is used to automatically identify areas to be machined, has been upgraded to find more features, while decreasing computation times by more than 50% over previous CAMWorks versions.  

Additional enhancements with CAMWorks 2011 include improved performance and enhanced feature recognition of slot features with fillet and taper as well as slots with islands. Users can now define customized turn inserts when it is not possible to completely machine a turn part using a standard turn insert line diamond, square, etc. Such custom turn inserts can be defined for inner as well as outer diameter. Form more information, please visit


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