10/26/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

CamInstructor Expands Offering of Online Training Courses

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CamInstructor offers courses in Mastercam, Solidworks and CNC Machine Programming for those who are new to tool programming and for those who are interested in refreshing their training.

The technology educators at CamInstructor, Inc. have new, online CNC programming training courses. The course offerings are designed for people who are brand new to CNC machine tool programming as well as for more experienced programmers who may need a refresher or get up to speed on the latest software release. The brand-new course bundle is called CamInstructor Premium, and it includes comprehensive training in Mastercam / CNC Software’s CAD/CAM software, Solidworks CAD software, CNC programming and instruction on setting up and operating Haas Automation, Inc.’s CNC machines. In addition to the published lessons, there are also videos and quizzes to test comprehension at certain milestones and access to an instructor for ongoing assistance when questions surface. Further, the “student” has the option to earn a certificate for certain courses. They also have access to all of the purchased materials for a full year and can download the documents for printing and saving for as long as desired.

In addition to the new CamInstructor Premium bundle, the company also offers a Mastercam Premium bundle and a Mastercam Standard bundle. The Mastercam bundles include mill 2D, mill 3D, lathe, four-axis, five-axis, wire and solids. The Standard bundle has everything that is included in the Premium bundle except access to the instructor and testing. CamInstructor has been offering the Mastercam training bundles for the past 10 years, which have helped train over 2,000 people on Mastercam products.

CamInstructor has a Home Learning Edition for download. This is a suitable option for professionals whose employers instruct them to learn the material at home. The Home Learning Edition has functionality that enables employers to monitor the progress of their employees as they move through the coursework.