CAE Services Partners with AutoDesk



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CAE Services Corporation announces a partnership with moldflow simulation software company, AutoDesk. Combined, CAE and AutoDesk will provide Moldflow simulation software to molders, part designers, OEMs, tool suppliers and hot runners to help them analyze, identify, and solve injection molding issues to save time and money.

“As experts in the field of moldflow simulation consulting, software, and training, we’re proud to partner with AutoDesk,” said Mark Solberg, executive vice president for sales and marketing. “Being able to leverage our expertise from over 24,000 projects with the industry-standard in simulation software will help us serve our clients better and make them more profitable.”

AutoDesk offers a suite of moldflow simulation and project reporting software packages in different levels. The following is a partial features list:

  • MoldFlow Adviser Premium – Part feasibility, gate location evaluation, analysis, etc.
  • MoldFlow Adviser Ultimate – Premium plus filling, packing, and cooling guidance, runner balance, etc.
  • MoldFlow Insight Standard – in-depth simulation, 2-shot over molding, SVG, etc.
  • MoldFlow Insight Premium – Standard plus simultaneous solving capacity, conformal cooling, DOE, etc.

MoldFlow Insight Ultimate – Premium plus specialized molding simulations (CBA, gas assist, PIM, etc.)

“The different levels of performance, in addition to our different levels of consulting and training services provides a great package deal for our customers,” added Solberg. “Training is an essential part in using any software product successfully, that’s why we offer fundamentals classes for our experts to train more experts. It’s a perfect tandem.”

CAE is available to offer moldflow consulting, software, and training services throughout the United States, Canada, and select overseas locations by calling +1.630.761.9898 or by visiting caeservices.com.