Big Kaiser Event Offers Tips for Extreme Cutting-Tool Performance

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Breakfast and Learn serves up technical presentations and tips for better machining performance.

Big Kaiser held its annual Breakfast and Learn event on May 13-16, in tandem with next-door neighbor DMG MORI’s Innovation Days. Attendees enjoyed a hot breakfast followed by a technical presentation and then the opportunity to peruse many of the products featured in the company’s showroom, such as tool presetters, extensive tooling displays and zero-point workholding solutions. Demonstrations were also provided that correlated with each day’s presentation focus.

On day one, workpiece stabilization and non-traditional fixturing for machining, welding and other processes was the focus. Day two saw attendees learning about how setting up tools outside the machine optimizes spindle time and reduces the chance of human error. Day three focused on the advantages of automatic boring versus manual boring processes, breakthrough technologies aiding automatic processes and how to pick the right applications for closed-loop boring. Finally, day four’s theme was anti-vibration technology and the advantages of using dampening tooling systems.


  • Machining Molds with Negative Stock Shutoffs

    Negative stock shutoff can help you make better molds in less time. Here is a clear definition and description of the process. While the concept is fairly simple, the implementation can be challenging.

  • Machining Techniques: Are You Finished Yet?

    Have you ever heard that question? People who work in the mold and die industry have probably heard it more frequently than they would like to; however, great strides in cutting tool and machining techniques in the last couple of decades are enabling more “Yes” answers.

  • Rough Milling: Speed vs. Power

    A look at what works in rough milling applications with solid carbide end mills.

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