Beaumont Technologies Achieves Autodesk® Expert Moldflow Certification

In a continuing effort of accelerating our professional development and providing optimum services to our customers, Beaumont Technologies, Inc. challenged our CAE analysts to test for the Autodesk Moldflow Expert Consulting status

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BTI is proud to announce that the challenge was met with enthusiasm, and we were able to pass the test on the first try. We are now a Certified Expert Moldflow® Insight Consultant. Each of the certification levels require a high level of knowledge, not only of using Moldflow®, but injection molding, part design and mold design as well.

Jay Shoemaker, Product Design Engineer for Autodesk said “The Expert exam is the highest level of certification. Expert level demands you have a very significant knowledge of how to solve warpage problems”. The Expert exam is limited to 16 hours for the theoretical and practical portions of the exam. Passing the exam required a score of 80% or greater. Autodesk certifications are industry-recognized credentials providing reliable validation of skills and knowledge and they can lead to qccelerated professional development, improved productivity, and enhanced credibility.

John Ralston, Operations Manager for Beaumont Technologies, Inc., states “This certification is a huge step forward for BTI as a company. The Expert Certification will also better enable us to exceed GM’s specifications for flow analysis work. We are proud of our engineers for their accomplishments.”