Beaumont Partners with Thogus in Collaborative Training Initiative

Attendees encouraged to welcome continued education to help Thogus shift focus to new advancements and ideas.

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The 33rd President of the United States, Harry S. Truman, once said, “It’s what you learn after you ‘know it all’ that counts.”

Here at Beaumont Technologies, we believe that education is essential; yet, it’s not just the education and degree one obtains at a four-year institution that matters. We believe continued education, as former President Truman alludes to, is often the most beneficial. In fact, not only does continued education encourage employee growth; inspire technological advancements; and increase productivity and profitability; a “master” in the injection molding industry may soon come to the realization after attending one of our courses that there is much to learn in the field of plastics engineering.

Beaumont’s commitment to bringing awareness to the plastics’ industry about the importance of education, a priority of the company’s for some time, has recently led to a strategic partnership in training for Beaumont Technologies and leading Ohio-based custom molder Thogus Products.

“Being engaged in the forefront of change is critical for our success,” began Thogus President Matt Hlavin, “In doing so, we must push forward with continued plastics education. Just like physicians who must remain in front of medical breakthroughs, we must do the same with our engineers and program managers in this new industrial revolution.”

Thus far, Thogus has sent nearly a dozen employees to at least one of Beaumont’s training, with nine total attending Beaumont’s fifth course, “Mold Design for Project engineers.” As one of Beaumont’s most popular training courses, professionals  learn about key plastic principles, including plastic flow, types of melt delivery systems, how to size up a mold for a given molding machine, mold cooling design strategies, and common mold design pitfalls, among other topics.

“It is impressive to see a company like Thogus, who has not only recognized the value of investing in quality personnel, but acknowledges the need to continue developing its training through plastics education,” said John Beaumont, president of Beaumont Technologies.

For more information, including Thogus’ employee testimonials, please refer to the attached Case Study regarding the Beaumont and Thogus strategic plastics training initiative. Online copies are available HERE. More information about Beaumont training courses can be found at