Bales Mold Service is First Company Honored by Village of Downers Grove’s Environmental Concerns Commission

Bales was honored at the Downers Grove Village Board’s May 14 meeting by Mayor Martin Tully.

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Bales Mold Service, a leading provider of engineered coatings and surface finishes for the production tooling industry, has become the first recipient of an award from the Village of Downers Grove’s new Green Business Recognition Program. Bales was honored at the Downers Grove Village Board’s May 14 meeting by Mayor Martin Tully.

According to the Village’s website, the Green Business Recognition Program was formed “to recognize businesses within the Village of Downers Grove that support the Village's goals of Continual Innovation and Steward of Fiscal and Environmental Sustainability. This program is designed to encourage businesses within Downers Grove to adopt environmentally sustainable practices, such as waste reduction, conservation of water and energy conservation.”

In order to earn the status of being a Green Business, Bales had to practice recycling and demonstrate strong green practices in at least four of the six categories set forth by the Village’s Environmental Concerns Commission (ECC). Bales met all six categories, in particular:
•    Installation of solar tracking skylights and standard skylights on the shop floor that reflect light into the building and regulate when the lights turn on. Bales also practices shutdown procedures, installed motion sensor lights, and replaced all incandescent bulbs and uses light timers to reduce unnecessary energy usage throughout the plant.
•    Establishment of a program to collect shredded office paper to use a packing material. Reuse of boxes and packaging material for outgoing shipments, collection of scrap material for recycling, repurposing of machinery, recycle old computer equipment and supplies whenever possible. All brochures and newsletters are now electronic. These efforts help to reduce waste throughout the shop.
•    Bales is a zero discharge facility and uses an environmentally friendly citric passivation solution, plus the Company is actively involved with industrial trade organizations where resources are provided that helps Bales implement new standards for chemical treatment and housekeeping practices.

“It’s gratifying to see the Village taking notice of what businesses are doing to be environmentally aware,” said Sara Bales Mortensen, Bales’ Vice President. “Some are small steps, such as giving our employees reusable lunch bags and coffee mugs, while some steps are large, like installing solar tracking skylights. We are proud to be the first company – and an industrial company, at that – to receive this recognition. Being born and raised in Downers Grove makes it all the more special to me personally.”