Arch Cutting Tools' Education Partnership Looking for "Purple Squirrel"

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Arch Cutting Tools is looking for a “Purple Squirrel,” which they define as a young machinist with natural ability and an eye on the industry’s future.

In partnership with Delta College, Arch Cutting Tools hosted an Introduction to Machine Tools Forum at its Flushing, Michigan, facility for five students interested in careers as machinists. The company is building an organization-wide structured training/apprenticeship program that will be duplicated at other Arch Cutting Tools facilities in other communities throughout the United States.

The Flushing facility is home to Ultra-Dex, an Arch Cutting Tools business unit, and Beamer Laser Marking Systems, both of which which presented the participating students with information on career paths in precision machining. The Ultra-Dex portion of the forum was hosted by general manager Gregg Bishop. Mr. Bishop explained the various skills and disciplines that are critical in today’s machining environment, including familiarity with manual Bridgeport machine operation to develop foundational industry skills, and programming CNC machines.

The Beamer Laser Marking System portion of the forum, hosted by Allen Warren, engineering manager, provided perspective on the manufacturing of fiber laser marking machines for a variety of industries.

Arch Cutting Tools is looking for a “purple squirrel,” which they define as a young machinist with natural ability and an eye on the industry’s future.


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