AMBA Launches Skills Certification Program

Available only to members, the program uses scientifically developed, standardized testing to assess the skills of prospective new hires and existing employees alike.

The American Mold Builders Association is pleased to launch its new Skills Certification Program, which can be used to assess and certify the skills of front-line mold manufacturing workers, from entry-level through first level of supervision within all sectors of the industry. The purpose is to recognize, through certification, individuals who demonstrate mastery in three body-of-knowledge content areas: Primary Skills, Master Moldmaker and Master CNC Specialist.

The goal of the new Skills Certification Program is to

  • Raise the level of performance of workers
  • Assist individuals in finding higher-wage jobs
  • Help employers ensure their workforce increases the company's productivity and competitiveness
  • Create a higher standard of competency for the mold manufacturing industry

From the test development process, a list of competencies under specific duty areas for each job title was created called "Knowledge and Skills Standards." These lists are free to all AMBA members and can be used to create internal training and apprenticeship programs, assist local technical educational institutions in formulating their curriculum, access levels of competencies in current workforce and identify opportunities for advanced internal training.

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