AMBA Convention Focuses on ‘Made in America’ Brand

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“Strength in Numbers” – the 2012 AMBA Annual Convention theme – will take attendees on an in depth look at American mold manufacturing at its best. From operational and financial benchmarking data and metrics to best-in-class practices from leading-edge moldmaking operations, attendees will discover new ways to drive profitability and increase productivity within their own mold building operations.

Slated to take place May 16-18, 2012, at the Amway Grand Plaza in Grand Rapids, MI, the convention will kick-off with keynote speaker Scott Paul with Alliance for American Manufacturing. With a focus on getting “manufacturing” back on the public radar, Paul will relate best practices for enterprises looking to recruit and retain good, skilled talent; share exclusive “Made in America” branding information and why there is a bright future ahead for companies that manufacture in the USA.

‘Made in America’ will continue with “Tooling Trends” from Laurie Harbour (Harbour Results), where she will reveal groundbreaking information on her team’s discoveries as a result of assessing over 70 tooling shops over the last year. These visits have provided incredible perspective on tooling trends, as well as opportunities for US-based moldmaking companies.

Additionally, plant tour workshops will highlight best-in-class operations from four US mold building operations in the Grand Rapids, MI, area. Each convention attendee will have the opportunity to visit one shop, each one focused on a unique theme and sharing a different best practice. According to AMBA Executive Director Troy Nix, "These carefully designed plant tour workshops provide an excellent opportunity for participants to share best practices in a 'give and take' environment that offers phenomenal value to both the participant and the host company."

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