Alba Enterprises Relocated NA Headquarters, Opens New Facility

New production, service and training facility in Loveland, Colorado, ramps up 3D modeling and mold sampling capabilities in order to deliver comprehensive, multidisciplinary guidance solving application needs.


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A medical device, overmolding application from Alba Enterprises

A medical device, overmolding application is part of a turnkey micro-molding cell solution provided by Alba Enterprises. Photo Credit: Alba Enterprises

Alba Enterprises (Loveland, Colorado) has relocated its North American headquarters from Torrance, California, to Loveland, Colorado. The new headquarters is strategically located near a major logistics hub and just one hour from Denver International Airport (DIA). The company also opened a new production, service and training facility on November 1st, 2020, which is now fully operational.

“We designed and built the new facility in order to deliver comprehensive, multidisciplinary guidance solving application needs spanning DFM, tooling, thermodynamics, advance simulation and machine & auxiliary selection,” says Rich Oles, CEO. “Alba provides project management from part inception, mold build, first articles and delivery and installation of the final production cell.

“For Alba, the phrase, ‘client-driven solution provider’ has a definite and specific meaning,” Oles continues. “It is no longer enough to sell a machine and a dryer; clients want fully-vetted, operational production cells, along with the confidence their capital investment will result in the timely production of real parts. This process requires an individualized, ongoing, and accountable relationship.”

To support this objective, Alba has added new employees, 3D modeling capabilities and mold sampling, all run on Babyplast (Molteno, Italy) micro machines supported by a full suite of Vega (Cincinnati, Ohio) and Moretto (Jackson Center, Pennsylvania) auxiliaries. Molding capabilities are available up to 10 tons, 36 grams and 425ÕC resin temperatures.

“Alba has long-provided, industry-leading products through its partnership with OEM manufacturers Babyplast, Vega and Moretto,” says Oles. “These products, along with our own Alba-Couplers, are all productivity enhancing components. We also continue to deepen our strategic partner relationships with companies such as KRUSE Analysis, ASACLEAN, Moretto USA, HRSflow (a division of HRS INglass USA Inc.), Scientific Molding, Kistler, Cold Jet, Angel Hill Technologies Inc., MoldTrax and a host of innovative mold makers.”