5ME, Okuma Partner to Demonstrate Cryogenic Machining

The companies are opening two cryogenic demonstration centers where manufacturers will be able to test the technology.

5ME and Okuma are forming a strategic partnership that will establish two cryogenic machining demonstration centers, one at 5ME’s Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, and the other at Okuma’s Aerospace Center of Excellence in Charlotte, North Carolina. Visitors will be able to test various machining processes using Okuma machines equipped with 5ME’s cryogenic machining technology. A company representative says the partnership will continue the development of cryogenic machining applications in addition to helping manufacturers solve current production challenges.

5ME’s cryogenic machining process is said to enable higher cutting speeds for increased material removal and longer tool life by transmitting liquid nitrogen at -321°F through the spindle/turret and tool body. Additional benefits of the process include faster processing, increased part quality and lower environmental impact. According to the company, cryogenic machining is particularly suited to tough materials used in aerospace applications, including hardened, stainless or alloy steels; Inconel; and titanium.