5ME and Star SU Sign Licensing Agreement

The companies join forces to enable STAR SU to produce and sell BlueZone cryogenic tooling.

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5ME, LLC and Star SU, LLC are officially united in an effort to further cryogenic machining in the manufacturing industry. A licensing agreement has been signed authorizing Star SU to manufacture and market 5ME’s patented Cryogenic tooling designs for end mills, ball mills, tapered ball mills, thread mills, reamers, and drills under the brand name BlueZoneTM Cryogenic tooling. The agreement covers sales and service in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. 

“We’ve worked with Star SU to develop tooling solutions on a variety of cryogenic machining configurations and applications,” said Bill Horwarth, President of 5ME. “Our companies share the excitement for bringing cryogenic machining to an ever-growing group of manufacturers.”

5ME's patented cryogenic machining process is reported to enable higher cutting speeds and prolong tool life by transmitting liquid nitrogen at -321 degrees F through the spindle/turret and tool body, directly to the cutting tool's edge.

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