Mold Components

Daters and Center Inserts Provide Continuous Quality and Reliability

CUMSA USA continues to provide continuous reliability and quality with its stainless steel original daters and center insert components.

Cutting Tools

Roll Form Taps Ideal For Medium Strength Steels

Emuge Corp. introduces Innoform–Steel-M, a line of HSSE-PM taps designed for forming threads with improved surface quality, while increasing static and dynamic thread strength, in medium strength steels up to 44 HRC.

Mold Materials

How to EDM Steel and Copper Alloy Simultaneously

A strategy for machining details when the part geometry falls across multiple workpiece materials.

Cutting Tools

High-Feed Milling Series Suitable for Narrow, Long-Reach Applications

The YG-1 ENMX high-feed mill 4 is a new high-feed milling series developed to meet the most stringent demands of versatility, productivity and process stability for today’s applications.

Steel Choice Matters for Corrosion Resistance

A free-machining stainless steel faces the extremely corrosive injection molding environment head on, improving machinability and stability.

Uniform Steel Hardness Offers Even Machinability

International Mold Steel, Inc. offers uniform hardness for even machinability and clean welds in molds and dies.

Design & Mfg. Software

Moldflow Analysis Solves Part Design Concerns

CAE Services uses Moldflow to analyze, identify and solve part design or warpage related concerns before cutting steel.

Modified Grade of Mold Steel Offers Consistent Surface Finishing

Ellwood Specialty Steel Co. introduces a P20 modified grade of mold steel offers very consistent surface finishing properties.

Alro Steel Opens Oshkosh Facility

Alro Steel announces the opening of its Oshkosh facility on Monday, March 16, 2020.

Self-Venting Mold Steel Designed for Injection Molding Applications

Molder’s World Inc. announces its upgraded Vortex, a self-venting mold steel specifically designed for injection molding applications.

Webinar Review: A Look at Copper Alloy Molds

Copper is not strong enough to be used as a mold material, but by alloying copper, it can be made as strong as steel while retaining much of its thermal conductivity. This free webinar explains the various copper alloys used in plastic molding and the strengths and weaknesses of each alloy.

Business Strategy

Alro Steel Purchases New Milwaukee Facility

Alro Steel is pleased to announce the purchase and expansion of its new Milwaukee facility.

Business Strategy

Alro Steel Announces St. Louis Facility Expansion

Alro Steel announces the expansion of its St. Louis facility, which added 54,180 square feet of space to better serve the company’s regional customers.

Cutting Tools

Indexable Gun Drill Line Addresses Diverse Drilling Needs

Tungaloy’s DeepTriDrill can address diverse deep drilling needs of automotive and mold set parts for maximum efficiency and stability.

Cutting Tools

CBN Grades Suitable for Continuous and Interrupted Cuts

Walter introduces CBN grades WBH10C, WBH10 and WBH20 for improved turning of hardened steel up to 65 HRC.

Maintenance & Repair

Anti-Seize Compound Helps Prevent Non-Similar Metals Fusing Together

Slide Products, Inc.’s aluminum anti-seize compound has increased performance, higher levels of temperature stability and protection for mold components.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing System Incorporates H13 Tool Steel for Hot and Cold Tooling Applications

Desktop Metal announced the launch of H13 tool steel for the Studio System, a metal 3D-printing system for prototyping and low volume production.

Additive Manufacturing

Desktop Metal Expands Materials Portfolio with H13 Tool Steel

Desktop Metal announced the launch of H13 tool steel for Studio System, an office-friendly metal 3D-printing system for prototyping and low volume production.

Cutting Tools

Drill Inserts Provide Greater Stability, Improved Performance

YG-1’s SV-point spade drill inserts provide longer tool life at higher spindle speeds and feeds.

Cutting Tools

Holders Target Coolant for Chip Control and Process Stability

Additions to Jetstream Integrated tooling from Seco Tools eliminate coolant-through tooling and connector interference that hinders grooving, parting-off and other turning operations.

Additive Manufacturing

H13 Laser Sintering Process for Robust Tooling

Partnership is the key to developing advanced process parameters for producing robust H13 tooling using laser sintering process.

Cutting Tools

Tech Trends: A Cut Above the Rest

This collection of highlighted cutting tools products can provide simple solutions for effective chip evacuation, shorter throughput times, improved surface finish quality and greater stability in uneven entrances and exits.

Business Strategy

Voestalpine Opens Steel Store in Tennessee

voestalpine High Performance Metals Corp. announces the opening of their newest Steel Store in Cleveland, Tennessee, which specializes in providing tool steels for customers’ tool, die and moldmaking needs.

Design & Mfg. Software

Engineering Services Provider Offers Cost-Effective Approach to Solving Warpage

CAE Services Corp. offers the analysis capabilities to predict windage adjustments to the shape of the mold prior to cutting steel.