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MMT Chats: Top of Mind Should be the Business of Moldmaking

For this MMT Chat, my guest is Charles Daniels CFO of Wepco Plastics in Middlefield, Connecticut. He is also one of MMT’s newer Editorial Advisory Board members. He shares his insights on the role of social media in manufacturing, how to improve the “business” side of a small mold shop, continually developing culture and an update on Wepco’s COVID outreach.  

Business Strategy

MMT Chats: Earning a "Masters of Business" in Four Months?

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges chats with Joe Cherluck, President of Best Tool & Engineering about transforming his mold shop into a mold business with a free “masters of business” that covers managing growth, money metrics, leadership, marketing, sales and negotiation.

Business Strategy

MMT Chats: Applying Bench Lessons to the Business of Moldmaking

For this MMT Chat, my guest is Mark Gauvain, one of MMT’s newer Editorial Advisory Board members who has plenty to share as he recently made the move from working for some big manufacturers to working for himself as a consultant to moldmakers and molders on procurement and technology investment strategies.

Business Strategy

MMT Chats: Marketing’s Impact on Mold Manufacturing

MoldMaking Technology Editorial Christina Fuges chats with Kelly Kasner, Director of Sales and Marketing for Michiana Global Mold (MGM) about the benefits her marketing and advertising, MGM’s China partnership and the impact of COVID-19 on the moldmaking industry as well as the next-generation skills gap.  

PODCAST: The Magic of Manufacturing and Marketing

Founder and President Todd Schuett of Creative Technology might be used to being behind the camera, but he’s in front of the microphone in this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance Podcast to talk about marketing and the magic that is the manufacturing industry.

Answering the Call: Plastics

Mold builders and processors in the plastics industry are undergoing change as we speak. This change will require businesses to adapt, or they will fail. A marketing communications strategy is key to transforming the image of plastics and manufacturing.

GF Machining Solutions Announces Director of Expanded Sales Department

GF Machining Solutions has announced that Peter Eigenmann has been promoted to the position of director of sales and marketing, effective October 7, 2019.

The Plastek Group Launches New Website, Social Media

The Plastek Group launches a new website, as well as social media, in order to provide a universal communication, marketing and sales tool for its customers.

Business Strategy

Survey Identifies Trends and Best Practices in Industrial Sales and Marketing

Gardner Intelligence’s Industrial Buying Influence series is the most comprehensive analysis of how media and marketing impact the purchase process at discrete parts manufacturing facilities. For our 2019 survey, we need your input.

Workforce Development

Tooling, Tariffs and Reinventing One's Business for the "New Normal"

Mold industry professionals attending the Makino Technology Expo learned they must prepare for the “new normal” and build a better marketing and sales plan. 

Business Strategy

Sandvik Coromant Adds VP of Marketing for Americas

Annika Langéen, VP of marketing for sales area Americas at Sandvik Coromant, brings her business acumen, strong familiarity of the metal cutting industry and solid understanding of sales and business processes to the Americas marketing team.

Business Strategy

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Appoints Global Marketing Director

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has appointed Maja Foster as global marketing director of its production software business.

Business Strategy

New Series: A People + People Plan to Align Marketing and Sales to Support Growth Goals

Successfully aligning sales and marketing requires a plan that starts with sales goals, has a clear focus, and is holistic and systematic.

Business Strategy

Marketing Experts Know Manufacturing Industry from the Ground Up

Creative Technology Corp. says marketing your company has never been more critical.

Business Strategy

Breaking Down the Brand Barrier

A podcast about a podcast? Yep. MoldMaking Technology and The Manufacturing Alliance are guests on the Kula Partners marketing podcast sharing how they use stories and personal connections to break down the brand barrier.

Business Strategy

New Series: A People+People Plan

No matter the size or industry, companies need a strategic roadmap to achieve their growth goals. A People+People Plan is the foundation and activation strategy for scaling your organization by attracting, engaging and retaining both clients and talent. It empowers your sales, marketing, and HR departments to align on processes, tactics and goals to achieve meaningful outcomes and long-term sustainability.

Workforce Development

Emuge Appoints Marketing Manager

Emuge Corp. appoints Shannon Filippelli as Marketing Manager.

Business Strategy

Amerimold 2019 Exhibitors: Tools to Promote Your Company Ahead of the Show

MoldMaking Technology wants to help exhibitors and attendees to make the most of their experiences at Amerimold. Today the focus is exhibitor marketing.

Business Strategy

GF Machining Adds to Marketing and Sales Teams

GF Machining Solutions has expanded its marketing and sales teams. 

Business Strategy

3YourMind Expands Its Global Team

Additive manufacturing veteran, Stefan Ritt, will be joining 3YourMind as the head of global marketing.

Ryan Delahanty Promoted to Publisher of Plastics Technology and Group Publisher of the Advanced Materials and Processing Group

Ryan Delahanty has been promoted to publisher of Plastics Technology and group publisher for the Advanced Materials and Processing Group, effective immediately. In his new role, Delahanty will lead the editorial, marketing and sales teams of the newly formed Advanced Materials and Processing Group and its media channels.

Business Strategy

Sodick Welcomes New Member to Its Marketing Team

Sodick announces the addition of a new hire to its marketing team. 

Workforce Development

Rego-Fix Names New Global Sales and Marketing Director

Rego-Fix names Pascal Forrer to its Switzerland-based management team.

Workforce Development

GF Machining Solutions Announces New Sales and Marketing Team Members

The company recently hired Dante Payva, Sammy Shabib, Heather Natal and Jon Carlson. 

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