Maintenance & Repair

Mold and Plate Supports Enhance Shop Floor Safety

Progressive Components offers RhinoFeet and RhinoToes, support pads that eliminate trip hazards, elevate molds and hot runner systems and can be easily stored. 

Maintenance & Repair

Intelligent Lifting Point Achieves Greater Load Weights

RUD ACP-TURNADO bolt diameters are offered in a range of new sizes for load weights up to 16 tons, expanding its application range.


Face Shield Safeguards Against Machining Equipment

The Rockford Systems’ Protector Shields defends operators from flying debris, lubricants, coolants and swarf from cutting and turning machines.

Mold Components

Thermal Protection Hose Enhance Occupational Safety

A braided textile glass fiber and a silicone foam coating meets injection mold temperature control requirements, improved mechanical properties and ease of use.

Hot Runners

Gate Bushing Minimizes Nozzle Component Damage

Thermoplay’s D-bushing component for hot runner nozzles is equipped with a double sealing ring to prevent leaks, protect components and improve insulation.

Mold Components

Low-Leakage Temperature Control System Ensures Maximum Safety

The Hasco system showcases improved and robust quick-release couplings that guarantees safe and independent coupling with a maximum flow rate and a small, low-pressure drop.

Business Strategy

Top 10 Topics to Cover During an ISO 9001 Manufacturing Audit

Take a look at this practical hands-on approach to conducting a quality audit.

Maintenance & Repair

Automatic Spray Unit Enables Increased Personnel Safety

Slide Product’s Freedom spray unit responds to the need for increased personnel safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Michigan Moldmaker Debottlenecks Gundrilling, Increases Efficiency and Profitability

Swapping three gundrills for two CHETO multifunction machining centers, Paragon D&E reduced setups, operating time, increased profitability and shop safety.

South Coast Mold Earns Water Efficiency and Green Certifications

After two months of hard work and remaining open through COVID-19, South Coast Mold has earned two notable awards.  

Mold Components

Positive Locking Cylinder Permits Safe Locking

Hasco’s positive locking cylinder Z2302/... is suitable for use with core pulls and mold slides and enables service temperatures up to 180°C.

MMT Chats: Bottle Expertise Gives Way to Test Kit Work

  MoldMaking Technology’s Christina Fuges chats with some of the M.C. Molds team—Vice President of Operations Dave Keesaer, Sales Manager Eric West and General Manager of Manufacturing Joe Palazzolo—about current business levels, employee safety and morale, and recent and upcoming COVID-19 tooling projects that capitalize on the shop’s extrusion blow mold specialty.      

MMT Chats: Vials for the Vaccine/Antibody Testing

COVID has made work a little more challenging but it is also teaching teams “to do things a little bit differently” so they can turn jobs around a lot faster. MMT Editorial Director Christina Fuges chatted with one Illinois mold builder and molder who did not take on PPE, but instead, focused on tooling for vials used to collect DNA for vaccine/antibody development.

LSR 2020 Conference Cancelled

The LSR 2020 conference committee of LSR 2020 has decided to cancel this year's conference due to the concern for everyone's health and safety, and announces the 2021 LSR Conference will be held September 13-16, 2021.

MMT Chats: Liberty Molds Talks Respirators, Reshoring and Recommendations

MoldMaking Technology's Christina Fuges chats with some of the Liberty Molds team about a Ford Motor Company respirator project in the fight against COVID-19, the Hurco machine delivery that was key, and their take on the virus' impact and reshoring.  

Breaking News: IMTS 2020 Cancelled

Official announcement from show organizers. “The health and safety of our exhibitors and audience remains our top priority.” Coming launches to address need for technical knowledge and networking.

MMT Chat: Safety, Shields and Shuttle Molds

The team from Canon Virginia talks about business during COVID-19, its efforts to help the fight and recent advancements to its Shuttle Mold System.  

NVision, Inc. Accelerates PPE Production with 3D Laser Scanning

In one recent project, NVision Inc. provided engineering services to a Texas PPE manufacturer, helping accelerate the company’s production of a much-needed protective mask earmarked for medical personnel.

Canadian Manufacturing Ramp Up Accelerating

After Canadian manufacturing began setting its return to work guidelines, ramp up is underway in manufacturing and automation, with health and safety and a mostly closed border being some key issues for manufacturers. 

PODCAST: Quick Conversations Can Change the Course of Your Business

In between the giggles and personal stories of injuries, this threesome from the American Mold Builders Association Executive Board shares its take on the value of this association and its networking, as well as the changes to come in mold manufacturing.

Xcentric Supports ZVerse Face Shield Initiative

Xcentric Mold & Engineering is part of the domestic supply chain initiative by ZVerse to meet the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically face shields.

MMT Chats: Remoting, Reaching Out and Ramping Up Recyclable PPE

Two members of the Axiom, Intex Tooling and Smart Attend team chat about COVID-19's impact on the business, employee morale across the business units, and the switch to producing and selling recyclable face shields.  

Back to Work Planning Underway for Canadian Manufacturing

Return to work guidelines are on the radar and underway for Canadian manufacturing, and it’s clear that manufacturing is focused on the next 90 days and that repairing for new health and safety standards in the workplace is important. 

Additive Manufacturing

Community Addresses Coronavirus PPE Backlog with 3D Printing

As the COVID-19 crisis has deepened, Rocklin Manufacturing has been addressing the need to fulfill the growing PPE backlog by not only turning to 3D printing, but by also connecting with its local community.

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