New EVCO Plastics Facility to Advance Medical Molding Opportunities

Forty thousand square-foot CAL 2 facility to feature white room, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding capabilities.

Addifab Raises $6.5 Million in FIM Oversubscribed Funding Round 

Funding to strengthen the company’s flagship freeform injection molding process, including its global availability, supply of systems and enable Addifab’s relocation to accommodate FIM’s expansion.

Haidlimar Initiatives Contribute to Production Sustainability Efforts

Recent sustainability efforts offer customers C02-saving opportunities for Haidlmar mold technologies, such as mold-optimized cycle times.

Business Strategy

Alba Enterprises Relocated NA Headquarters, Opens New Facility

New production, service and training facility in Loveland, Colorado, ramps up 3D modeling and mold sampling capabilities in order to deliver comprehensive, multidisciplinary guidance solving application needs.

Rebranded Interface Offers Continued Injection Mold Cooling Data Efficiency

Burger & Brown Engineering’s rebranded Smartlink Tracer Interface can link to PC-based proprietary Data Logger software to receive voltage temperature and flow rate data for injection molders.

Workforce Development

StackTeck Enhances Mold Qualification Capabilities

The moldmaker offers a virtual mold testing capability package for customers limiting travel during the pandemic, as well as for when future business resumes. 

Hot Runners

Adaptive PET Preform Mold Meets Fluid Production Requirements

To meet continuously changing consumer demands, Husky highlights the NexPET system which supports a wider variety of applications, more SKUs, shorter production runs and more frequent design changeovers.

Workforce Development

Michigan Mold Builder Gets Busines Savvy and Adds Vibration and Hot Plate Welding Services

Best Tool & Engineering identifies a new niche in vibration and hotplate welding and beefs up its business management skills.

Hot Runners

Hot Runner Mold and Cable Checker Troubleshoots Mold System Failure

PCS Company’s Mold X Checker and Cable X Checker offerings detect open and shorted circuits and troubleshoots faulty temperature control cables respectively.


8 Mold Design Decisions That Impact Automation

Making the right decisions during eight key mold design phases will avoid automation problems and save money on price, installation and operation.

Maintenance & Repair

8 Ways to Increase Mold Life

A checklist of molding machine settings and preventative maintenance actions that improve mold longevity.

Additive Manufacturing

VIDEO: What Is Freeform Injection Molding?

FIM or freeform injection molding combines the proven injection molding process with the freedom of part design. Check out this video describing how this advanced technology works. 

Cooling Solutions Portfolio Offers High Performance Cooling Capacity

Frigel will bring a complete portfolio of advanced cooling solutions for the plastics industry at K 2019.

Hot Runners

Tooling Technologies Offer Value, Productivity and Flexibility

Husky will be running its new HyPET HPP5e system at K 2019, designed to delivering better energy savings, system reliability, preform quality and user friendliness.

ALBA Webinar Focuses on Molds In Motion

ALBA Enterprises, with MoldMaking Technology, will be hosting a webinar September 18 at 2:00 pm, offering a variety of unique solutions for movement in plastic injection molds and die-cast dies.

Design & Mfg. Software

Tooling 4.0: Connecting Industry 4.0 Technology to Your Molds and Molding Process  

A packaging supplier applies Industry 4.0 technology to its injection molds so that components talk to each another to understand the dynamics of what is happening inside the mold.

Business Strategy

Surface Generation Presents Research Project Results

Surface Generation joined a host of global partners, including The Boeing Company at the SAMPE North America Conference and Exhibition in Charlotte, North Carolina, to present results from the ‘Rapid High Performance Molding (RAPM) for Small Parts’ research program.

Amerimold 2019 Update: What You Should Know about a Mold Builder’s Role in IMD Work

This presentation will review the various challenges a tool shop must consider before and during IMD.

Business Strategy

Alba Enterprises Announces CEO

Rich Oles joins Alba Enterprises as President and CEO.


Automated Mold-Insert Changing Via Robot for Short Runs

At Fakuma 2018 show in Germany, Engel Austria (U.S. office in York, Pa.) is presenting three premieres in one exhibit. 

Business Strategy

Up Close with Engel LSR Technology

Engel’s Open House, run in conjunction with the LSR 2018 Conference in Anaheim, CA brought over 100 guests up close to the latest in LSR molding technology.

Database Helps Molders Limit Molding Out-of-Spec Parts

Mobile Specs offers a large, searchable database online and in app that provides molders with processing parameter set points for thousands of molding materials. Molders can use the site to reduce molding out-of-spec parts.

Workforce Development

RJG and Key Up Education Offer Field Trips

Third graders enjoyed field trips to an injection molding lab, allowing them to connect with math and science in the real world.

Mold Components

YG-1 Presents New Offering for Die and Mold Applications

Die and mold customers can now select tools by materials machined.

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